Privacy Policy

While Tech Royce is focusing on providing quality content to the readers, this platform also ensures the safety and privacy of the visitors, this is why we get numerous daily visitors. If you have any doubts, you can read this page to clear them all or contact us at [email protected]

You can get information on various topics including Business, Celebrity, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Cryptocurrency, Education, Health, Home Decor, Automotive, and many more but we think that you have the right to know about how our Privacy Policy works and what information do we collect when someone approaches us. So, keep reading to know all the answers.

Tech Royce – Data Collection:

We collect some necessary user data in order to protect our readers from scams and frauds and provide them with the best user experience. We collect data from a number of methods such as registration forms, comments, and emails.

The collected data includes your name, email address, phone number, IP address, geolocation, and website information. Know that Tech Royce only collects those details that do not harm your privacy. The data we collect and save in our database is protected by Tech Royce.

Tech Royce – Purpose of Gathering Data:

The only purpose of collecting your basic information is to improve your experience with our website. It allows us to know your preferences and other details so we can share this basic information with third-party websites to help them offer you only those services via our platform in which you might be interested.

It also helps us to provide you with a tailored email with limited-time discounts, notifications for new blogs (if you allow), and additional website material. While you get all these benefits, we can assure you that your data is in safe hands and you can trust us with your information. We do not collect any sensitive information so don’t worry about your security.

Tech Royce – Cookies:

Tech Royce uses Cookies to collect log files, clickstream data, and browser information just like other websites. It helps us in developing a high-standard protocol system and assessing the pattern of our visitors and their overall experience on our website. This is also a way of improving your experience with Tech Royce.

We reserve the right to collect the cookies as per the policies of Google ads, but you have the option to turn them off by going to your browser settings. However, we recommend you not to do that as it will stop us from improving your experience with us.

Tech Royce – Third Parties:

The purpose of the collaboration of Tech Royce with brands, sponsors, and other associations is to provide our readers with the best user experience. It helps us to show relevant ads to our readers and remove the content in which they are not interested. It also saves time for our readers because they don’t have to see unnecessary content.

Our advanced system protects the collected data of our readers and we do not share it with anyone other than our collaborators. But you must know that every third party has different privacy policies and upon leaving our website, you are no longer in our protection so always read their privacy policies, before interacting with any other website.

Privacy Policy Updates of Tech Royce:

Updating Privacy Policies is a crucial part and they reflect authorities’ security concerns and legal requirements. We safeguard public and private safety while preserving third-party rights and preventing criminal actions. By visiting Tech Royce, you agree to our privacy policies so we want you to keep checking back to see if we’ve made any changes to our privacy statement.