Top free Proxy & VPN Plugins for Google Chrome

VPN and Proxy tools are now commonly used by the people because of increase in the number of geo restrictions on the world of web. To tackle the situation people use VPNs and Proxy tools to access their favorite web pages. Similarly, Google Chrome Browser includes some best VPN plugin services. With simple flip switches for on and off, you can utilize these VPN modules to access confined sites. In this guide, we will show you the best VPN Plugins for Google Chrome. You can use these Plugins with just one click. The biggest benefit of VPN is that it secures your working and make it private. Your web supplier won’t have the capacity to track your web history. Moreover, in some countries applications like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc are blocked. These VPNs helps you to reconnect with these websites. As VPNs are full of benefits but in some cases, they also have some drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage of VPNs is that it slow downs your interent speed.

Proxy & VPN Plugins for Google Chrome

The mention below plugins can easily be added to your Google Chrome Browser. You just need to click on the links of a specific VPN plugin and Tap on the add-to-chrome button. That’s it.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a well-known VPN plugin for Google Chrome. This VPN includes the largest selection of the servers. You can choose the location server which is suitable for you. If any server performs sluggishly or laggy then you can choose a different server. You can easily get it on Google Chrome Browser from the link given below.

Hotspot Shield Plugin For Google Chrome


It is also another well-known proxy plugin for Google Chrome Browser. It similarly works as a Hotspot Shield and gives speed better from its free server locations. Choose any location you like. The only thing which becomes annoying while using this plugin is that you need to skip its premium options much time. You can only use the Trail version for a limited period of it. But you can purchase it to get the best experience for this plugin.

Zenmate Plugin For Google Chrome


It is an also good option while connecting the VPN plugin. The hola has gained much popularity on Android devices and now it has become one of the best plugin for Google Chrome Browser. The speed for its free server is slower than the above plugins.

Hola Plugin For Google Chrome

Mentioned above plugins are the best for Google Chrome Browser. I hope this article is helpful for you guys. If you have an issue related to the article or you want to add something to it then you can use the comment section below.

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