What Services Does a Human Resources Consultant Offer?

By: Olivia Anderson

If you are thinking of lightening the workload of your department and hiring external professionals, you should start by finding out what services a Human Resources consultant or a human resources consultant offers. So, you can get an idea of ​​what you can outsource and what not.

Below we explain what these services consist of and the advantages of outsourcing them.

Employee Training

One of the services offered by a Human Resources consultancy is employee training. This consists of providing the necessary tools and courses so that the staff has the appropriate and up-to-date knowledge to carry out their work. The training can also be related to other work areas such as job development, safety, etc.

Facilitating and providing training to employees has certain advantages for the company. If this is aimed at reinforcing weak points detected in the evaluation processes, we will be able to improve the general productivity of the organization. And if, instead, the courses seek to update the knowledge of the workers in their respective areas, the company will be more competitive.

As for the employees, they will be much more willing and satisfied to stay by the side of an organization that cares about them and that, in addition, provides them with the necessary tools to improve and grow as professionals.

Why outsources this service? Finding experts in which areas within the company can be practically impossible. That is why, sometimes, you have to seek knowledge externally. In addition, there are many companies that specialize in training companies, so they have the necessary knowledge and resources. There are also training consultants who work as freelancers.


One of the functions of the Human Resources consultant is to take care of the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel. In fact, this is one of the most contracted services by companies that require a continuous trickle of candidates. In these cases, the provider is responsible for receiving the resumes, reviewing them, screening them, and arranging interviews with the most interesting applicants.

Many companies decide to outsource this work since the hiring processes consume a large number of resources, which can affect performance and results in other areas of HR.

In addition, most departments do not have profiles specialized in recruitment. This is not to say that a performance expert cannot carry out a hiring process. However, a recruitment consultant has the knowledge and tools to (usually) find the best candidates.


Outsourcing payroll is also very common in companies of all types and sizes. This task takes up a great deal of time from the HR team and normally requires a person with specific knowledge. However, an external provider is in charge of all the management and that the organization’s workers are paid on time.

Payroll outsourcing allows:

  • Save time for the HR department, which can be invested in other more important tasks.
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance (data protection, etc.).
  • Eliminate or minimize the possibility of making mistakes that affect employees.
  • Guarantee the security of data and information, since suppliers must have a robust and secure system.

Employees also benefit from this system as they will always receive their salary on time and without errors.

In general, outsourcing payroll management to an external provider pays off. The savings in time, money and worries is substantial.


Remuneration is, for the Human Resources team, a management tool to attract talent, retain employees and improve company results. For all its implications, it is probably one of the department’s most important tasks. It includes the design and application of salary policies, incentives, equality plans, etc.

Why is it interesting to outsource remuneration? In addition to reducing the workload of the department, having external experts helps to ensure that salaries and internal policies are more adapted to the reality of the labor market and the interests of professionals. This will make the organization much more attractive and competitive from a salary point of view.

Employee evaluation and promotion

Business consultants in Jersey city New Jersey Among the services that Human Resources consultants can offer, we can also find the evaluation and promotion of employees. In this case, the company is in charge of carrying out the evaluations and creating the promotion policy and increases associated with the results obtained in the tests.

Having external evaluators is very interesting since:

They have professional evaluation tools and methodologies, which will allow us to obtain more realistic results.

They are capable of detecting deficiencies or needs, analyzing what exactly is failing and finding solutions to problems.

Eliminate possible biases that an internal person may have, who knows the employees they are evaluating.

For the company, therefore, it has a very positive impact. Not only do you get more reliable results, but it also saves significant time for the HR team.

Working environment

We can also count on external professionals to measure the work environment of the company. These, normally, are in charge of launching anonymous surveys to the employees, making reports with the key results and making recommendations for improvements.

As with performance evaluation, outsourcing this service can be very interesting to obtain a more subjective view of the state of the company and the changes that are necessary to improve the work environment.

Caring for relationships between employees and ensuring their well-being is essential for business development. A happy employee will be much more productive and will be more committed to the company.

Other related services

What other services are offered as a Human Resources consultancy? We found these in addition to those already mentioned.

Occupational risk prevention: all employees must pass an occupational risk prevention course and renew it periodically.

Internal communication: one of the ways to reinforce the company culture and improve the environment is to work on internal communication. Many companies hire experts in the field.

Branding or employer brand image: this is another key point for HR departments. Working on the brand image and generating a good reputation as employers can be key when it comes to attracting talent.

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