The Psychological Impacts of Lights in Retail Store

By: Olivia Anderson

Human behaviour is always interesting. It gets easily influenced by external factors. We subconsciously react or respond in a certain way according to the situations and events around us. If the situation is positive, we react positively and if the situation is negative, we react negatively. Our subconscious mind immediately reacts to certain signals. Signals or subtle triggers such as lights, music, scents, colours and so on have a positive impact on our subconscious mind. So, we react to these signals with an emotion that is positive and affirmative. The same is with retail stores also. If the retail store is well lit with an aesthetic ambiance and the retail displays having LED lights are displaying aesthetic and alluring items, the customers get easily drawn to your shop. In this article we shall be looking at the psychological impacts of lights in retail stores on human beings.

It is the impact of light that makes us behave in a way in certain situations and settings. It-won’t be wrong, if we say that light creates both visual and psychological effects. It is according to this, our mood, behaviour and emotion change. Therefore, if you have a retail store, it is advisable that not only your store, but your display cabinets should also be well lit. You can get different types of display cabinets with LED lights online as well. Glass Cabinet Directs is an online store in the UK that provides you with different types of retail displays having LED lights, such as glass display cabinets, checkout counter, countertop displays, tall mirrored cabinets and so on. Apart from that you will also find LED bulbs (LED Bulbs UK) and spares for your display cabinets, LED bulb holders and so on.

The Psychological Impacts of Light on Customers

Years ago, shoppers solely used lighting only to illuminate the store, so that customers can get a good visual effect on the merchandise. Even today, shoppers use lighting for this purpose, but there are several other reasons why lighting has become an important aspect in retail businesses. One such aspect is to create a positive attitude for the shop in the minds of the customers. Therefore, today when you enter a shop, you will notice that the shop has a well-planned lighting system which further makes it look aesthetic and attractive. Thus, it creates a pleasing environment for shopping for the customers. If the lighting system of a shop is good, it draws more potential customers which further leads to more profit in the business. It creates a good mood for the customers. They start trusting your products and your brand. It also leads them to create an emotional connection with the shop owners and the staff. This further benefits the brand in a lot of ways.

If you are a retail shop owner, you would definitely like to make your customers happy and content. For that, providing them with only high quality products won’t be sufficient. Of course it is one of the important factors for boosting your brand, but apart from that you need to take care of a few more factors. Aesthetic ambiance and lighting are also important factors. Lighting will make your store appealing and inviting that will further enhance the mood of your customers. So, investing in good lighting won’t be a loss at all. It is also advisable to use those retail displays that come with LED lights, so that the items displayed in these cabinets will look aesthetic and alluring. Even research says that a well lit shop with well lit display cabinets creates a positive attitude in the minds of the customers. So a well lit shop is a benefit for your shop, as compared to a poorly lit shop that may lead to a loss in your business.

The Factors That Influence The Lighting System in A Retail Store

There are several factors that influence the lighting system in a retail store. Some of the important factors that influence the lighting system in a retail store are:

  • Size and space of the shop
  • The products that you select to sell
  • Age, gender, race, income, educational status and so on
  • Code of requirements
  • Merchandising fixtures

Summing Up

These are some of the psychological impacts of lights that your customers have when they visit your retail store. Therefore, always try to have a well lit shop with proper ambience and retail displays that come with LED lights or puck lights.

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