What are the best ways to fix quickbooks error 103?

By: Olivia Anderson

Since many decades ago, QuickBooks, a feature-rich accounting program, has aided small and medium-sized enterprises. QuickBooks manages all of its financial data and offers thorough account reports that include information on the company’s cash flow. It enables customers to keep tabs on how their company is doing and the wise actions that may be made to ensure its success. Due to bugs in the operating system, QuickBooks itself, or other software components of the computer, this software may experience certain unanticipated errors. While attempting to connect with the bank, the user encounters QuickBooks error 103. If you encountered this problem in your QuickBooks as well, reading the rest of the blog will help you understand why it happened and how to fix it.

Regarding QuickBooks error code 103

The user’s linked bank account in QuickBooks is connected to error 103 in QuickBooks. When you attempt to access your bank account, an error message will appear on your screen, and your request will be denied by your bank. This problem arises if your user ID and password are entered incorrectly and the bank’s servers fail to identify you as the account’s legitimate owner. Whether you are a novice or seasoned user, this error will prevent you from accessing your bank account.


The following are the legitimate explanations for why you can’t access your bank account in QuickBooks:

1. You used faulty credentials to attempt to access the registered bank account (User ID & Password).
2. Your QuickBooks system suffers as a result of the poor internet connection.
3. It’s possible that your arrangements are accurate but that your bank’s servers are causing problems there.

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The following are several fixes you can try to get your bank account working properly in QuickBooks:

Solution: Make sure the login information used to access your bank account is accurate before entering it in QuickBooks.

This problem could have been caused by using the erroneous User ID and password to access the bank account.

Step 1: Use the following technique to confirm the accuracy of the information you submitted into QuickBooks.

1. Open a new browser tab and go to the official website of your bank.
2. Use the same User ID and password you used to access your bank account in QuickBooks there.
3. You must reset your credentials using the website’s instructions if you experience any problems here as well.
4. Your bank account can be accessed, so the credentials are valid.

You now possess the proper user ID and password. While completing the next stage, keep these specifics close at hand.

Step 2: Currently log in to your QuickBooks account.

While logging in to your account, two situations occur. Below, we’ve expanded on both of them:

For a QuickBooks bank account already in existence

1. Click on Transactions under Bookkeeping, and then
2. Select the bank account for which you are having trouble, click Edit, and then choose Edit sign-in info.
3. Remove any automatically provided User ID and password, then enter your fresh and accurate information.
4. If the Show option is present, select it to verify the information is accurate.
5. Lastly, click

QuickBooks for a new bank account

1. Click on Transactions under Bookkeeping, then select Connect account.
2. Type the name of your bank or its website address into the search bar.
3. www.Bank name.com
4. Clear the fields if they are already filled in while entering your username and password.
5. If the Show option is present, select it to verify the information is accurate.
6. Click Keep QuickBooks and your bank account connected.
7. Retry using QuickBooks to connect to your bank account.

Using these techniques will resolve your problem.


This concludes this blog post, which covered many elements of QuickBooks error 103. The causes of it as well as a workable solution to fix it were also highlighted. We hope the solution enabled you to resolve this QuickBooks issue.

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