10 Key Ways to Improve Education Globally

By: Olivia Anderson

A country can only develop if the people residing in the country are educated. Every developed country boasts of a sound educational structure and a high literacy rate. If the countrymen are educated, they will learn how to be critical and analytical, which is a trait of a developed society. Realistically it is not possible for everyone to get higher education. Getting English essay writing help or homework and assignment help is costly, and many students get forced to drop out of universities for financial reasons. This is why it is essential that everyone gets a sound basic education. There are several countries that still lack basic literacy. If we can make them learn how to read and write, that can be considered a major step up. Here are ten key ways how we can improve the global education scenario and achieve this goal/

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Skill Based Learning

The concept of skill-based learning is still not known to many. Many educational institutes still follow the age-old methods of education. This not only limits the knowledge of the students but they also get demotivated and drop out.

Skill-based learning helps students to learn what they want. Each student has an interest and competency in separate subjects. In skill-based learning, the teachers recognize the interest areas of the students and will teach them accordingly. It can be singing, dancing, mobile repairing, app development, etc. This learning method ensures that students can be self-employed in the future.

Shift Focus on Rural Education

Mahatma Gandhi once famously said, “The future of India lies in its villages. If the villages perish, India will perish too.” This quote can make us understand the importance of rural areas in an economy. Especially in third-world countries where maximum parts of the country are still categorized as rural parts, the importance of education is paramount.

Countries that depend on agriculture need education to grow. Once they know how to use modern techniques and methods, they can boost their harvest and contribute more to the country’s GDP. This is why it is high time to shift our focus to rural areas. Every developing country needs to come up with schemes and plans to encourage more children from rural areas to go to school. Government must also employ better teachers in rural areas to impart education.

Building Computer Awareness

Getting better knowledge about computers seems to be the obvious choice nowadays. In an era when the entire world is moving towards digitization, knowing the basics of computing is mandatory. So, basic education has transcended beyond books, and computers are also part of it.

Computers are an integral part everywhere, whether in any kind of job, from banks to restaurants or teaching. Hence, the Government must aim to modify their courses to impart computer education to pupils from a young age.

Training the Teachers

A major problem in developing or under-developed countries is the quality of the teachers. Many schools lack enough manpower to educate the students. Moreover, the teachers who are there are trained in traditional methods. This limits them from understanding and imparting modern education to the students.

Hence, training the teachers is also important. They must be trained to go beyond blackboards and class notes. Most modern-day educational institutes are now focusing on practical learning and digital mediums. Once they are trained to use projectors, computers, tablets, etc., for educational purposes, they can teach the students with superior efficiency.

Getting more Grants and Subsidies

There are many scholarship programs for meritorious students across multiple colleges and universities. Many underprivileged students can avail of these scholarships to continue their pursuit of education. However, the demand for scholarships will increase once we bring more students on board.

Hence, we will need more assistance from the Government or generous donors. However, if the Government can approve grants and subsidies, the cost of education will go down significantly. This will inspire and enable more students to take up education despite financial limitations.

Education for Parents

Parents play a major role in every child’s life. If the parents don’t have clarity about how to plan for education, students will suffer. In most cases, parents try to fulfill their own desires and dreams through their children. However, this practice does more harm than good. It rarely happens that the parent’s and children’s preferences and interests will match. So, when they force them to study something they cannot relate to, they give up.

In many backward countries, child labor is a glaring issue. Parents living in poverty often force their children to drop out and engage in labor. They miss out on basic education and continue to remain in poverty.

Health Education

Health education must also be included as a part of basic education. Unfortunately, we always overlook our health needs while pursuing academics. This has led to health complications in many students from a rather young age. You can find minors suffering from spondylitis, muscle pains, etc.

So, Yoga and physical education must also be mandated as part of basic education. It is necessary that young children learn the value of good health. MyAssignmenthelp.com is one of the leading providers of ‘Write My Essay For Me’ online services worldwide.

Smart Classes

Although many schools are gradually adapting to digital classrooms, the number of institutes yet to convert is alarmingly high. Smart class concepts are alien to most parts of the world. However, post Covid-19, implementing digital classrooms has become the need of the hour.

So, students and teachers must be made familiar with audio-video devices and other necessary gadgets. Familiarising them with modern techs from the start will help them get educated more efficiently.


Libraries are an important part of a student’s life. However, visiting a library every time and spending hours searching for a book is tedious. This is why we must integrate digital libraries. This will help students to access them 24/7 and find anything they want in a few simple clicks.

Focus on Sports

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” This proverb holds true because science has proved that sports help our neurons to work better. Sports will not just make students more proactive and fit; it has other long-term benefits.

Sports can also be an exciting career option. So, including sports in basic education can open doors to many students who dream of pursuing a career in sports.

Summing Up:

Education has deep-lying impacts on the life of all of us. So, if we can spend some time and money to correctly plan a course, we can easily improve the education level on a global scale. It will only need hard work, the right attitude, and the zeal to be successful.

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