9 Tips about Candle Boxes to Generate Impressive Lead

By: Olivia Anderson

Whether you are selling e-cigarette boxes or cosmetic boxes, your packaging boxes should be well-designed and innovative. Usually, companies focus on the product and ignore the packaging. This is a big mistake and it could cause you to fail. Packaging is a way to attract customers, stand out and increase sales. Like other products, candles also require packaging and boxes to attract customers. Competition in the market is fierce and it is difficult for brands to attract new customers. Several candle brands have increased their sales by improving product packaging. Brands shouldn’t ignore the fact that small changes in design can help their products. Let’s see the important nine tips which can glorify your candle packaging boxes and ultimately improve sales.

Offer Protective packaging to the Candle Boxes

Candles must be stored carefully, otherwise, they may bend or melt. The candle boxes you choose to pack the candle must have super strong support and protection to avoid damage. Using a thin box will increase the chance of damage, but the candle is more likely to melt in hot weather. Maintain the high quality of your boxes and ask your service provider to make strong and sturdy boxes for your products. It will make it look valuable and can also provide safety for your candles. High-quality boxes will be more expensive than low-quality boxes, but it’s a good thing you haven’t compromised on quality in terms of product packaging.  

Use Color to your Advantage  

When making a candle box, take advantage of all available colour options. Everyone associates something with colour, and this connection can help you boost your sales. Some customers associate soft tones with spring, allowing them to survive the cold winter. For best results, choose the colour, but choose a neutral colour. In this way, the colours of your packaging can be used with a variety of decorations, thus increasing their reusability.

Keep Design to a Minimal for Candle Boxes Wholesale UK

Keeping the design to a minimum doesn’t mean you need to make your candle packaging unattractive. This just means making your packaging more attractive by using minimal designs and templates. For example, you sell products related to children or their toys. If you use a larger design and colour scheme, that’s fine. However, candles aren’t necessary products to make that kind of naive design. They are elegant and serious, so you have to choose colours and looks that are easy in the eyes of consumers.

Design Window Candle Boxes

Most of the time, the candle box is completely opaque and the customer cannot see the candle inside. However, you can put candles in the gifts section in the window to make them interesting. Customers can see a small candle through the window. If the gift is for a special occasion, you can label the window with a greeting for that occasion.

Convey the Correct Image of the Company and the Brand

Packaging is the best tool to convey the desired brand image to potential customers. Therefore, we need to be careful and consider your image before printing profitable packaging for your business. You can add the personal touch of your business to these boxes to make your customers feel special. Think about the image you want to convey and generate more profits. You can take the suggestion of your customer to decide which graphics, images, and designs to choose for these boxes and to attract buyers based on their tastes.

Stock and Style of the Candle Box

 The packaging usually depends on the characteristics of the product. Generally, for luxury goods, people like to choose the rigid inventory option. For regular lifestyle retail products, cardboard or kraft cartons are also a pretty good choice. This means that if your candles are luxurious, expensive, and fragile, then you should choose a hard box for them. For regular boxes, cardboard boxes or kraft boxes are the most suitable choice.  

Candle Packaging Label and Inserts

Candle labels are an affordable packaging solution. They can be applied on an empty box, on the packaging, or directly on the candle. These tags allow you to: 

· Provide simple and clear information

· Try to make your product stand out. This can be done through colour and typography

Inserts are a great way to add extra protection to the candle. They can prevent the candle from moving inside the box.

Consider Reuse     

Some product packages are easier to reuse than others, and these boxes fall into this category. If you make your candle packaging attractive, customers will choose your candle product and packaging. They could use this box as a gift box for little things in the future; use it to store odds and ends, such as paper clips or hair bands; or just use it for decoration. When you create eye-catching boxes, your goal is to reuse them, no matter how the customer chooses.  

Use multiple colours for Candle Box Wholesale

The packaging of your candles should have attractive and stimulating factors that can attract the attention of customers from a distance. Colour plays a vital role in telling the story of your brand and product to customers. The more you use them, the better your customers will know that your product is unique. If you want to make your packaging more attractive and eye-catching, you need to choose a colour that can be easily drawn. If you’ve ever understood the psychology of colour, you will know that each colour has a different effect on people’s thinking.

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