Car Towing Services in Los Angeles

By: Olivia Anderson

You’ve probably had your fair share of frustrating car towing experiences and have wondered which Los Angeles towing service to hire. We’ve compared rates from LA CITY Towing and SOS Quick Towing to find the best company for your needs. Read on to learn more about how our drivers get the best rates and deliver great service. After you’ve made your choice, we’ll give you our verdict. It’s simple: SOS Fast Towing is the best Los Angeles car towing service.

SOS Quick Towing

If you are experiencing car trouble and need a reliable towing service, then SOS Fast Towing is the company to call. SOS Fast Towing provides 24 hour roadside assistance services, flatbed and wheel elevator tows, winch workouts and automobile lockouts. These professionals take pride in the time they take to complete all services and deliver reliable outcomes in an efficient manner. In addition to offering reliable car towing services, SOS Fast Towing also has unbeatable rates and prices.

LA CITY Towing

LA CITY Towing provides car towing services, roadside assistance and lockout recovery. These professionals are insured and licensed and guarantee that your vehicle is not damaged. They can even handle towing of heavy trucks and promise to take care of you on the road. Moreover, LA CITY Towing’s staff is experienced and fast. Founded in 1997, LA CITY Towing started out with old tow trucks and then turned its focus to cab services. However, it later came back to car towing and bought elite tow trucks.

The main goal of LA CITY Towing is to give you the peace of mind you need during your time of need. We understand that towing a vehicle can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment or a powerful towing truck. That’s why we provide professional car towing services throughout Los Angeles. Our 24 hour emergency service is dedicated to helping you get your car where it belongs. And, unlike other car towing services in Los Angeles, LA CITY Towing’s rates are reasonable and the staff is professional.

SOS Fast Towing

SOS Fast Towing car towing services provide roadside assistance services including flatbed and wheel elevator tows, automobile lockouts, winch workouts, and injury scene response. Their commitment to fast response and timely completion of roadside services is unbeatable. Customers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of their services and dependability of their outcomes. Towing services are available at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pepe’s Towing

As a family-owned business, Pepe’s Towing Service has been providing exceptional service in Los Angeles since 1979. With one of the largest fleets in Southern California, they are equipped to handle any car towing need. The towing fleet is quick, reliable, and focused on medium and heavy-duty towing. The business’s central location in East LA provides easy access to the freeways, making it an ideal choice for roadside assistance.

Originally called Los Angeles Tow, Pepe’s Towing has offices in Woodland Hills and the South Bay. While the company has a booming business, it is not without its flaws. Its headquarters are notorious for flea-bombing its offices on Sundays. Regardless of the quality of the services, Pepe’s Towing is known for its customer service and has been in business for more than 35 years.

Locations of towing companies

Listed below are the locations of car towing services in Los Angeles. Most vehicles get towed in Los Angeles for parking violations or for overstaying their time limits on public property. If you have lost track of your vehicle, the Los Angeles Police Department can help you find it. However, sometimes, the plate information entered is not accurate or is in the wrong database. If this happens to you, call the police department right away for assistance.

Joker LA Cheap Towing is one of the best-known car towing services in Los Angeles. The company has experienced drivers who can help you when you’re locked out of your car. Its speedy drivers are ready to help you quickly and efficiently. LA CITY Towing started in 1979 with an old fleet of trucks, but eventually moved its focus to cab services and expanded its fleet of elite tow trucks.

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