Car Wash Tips for Exterior and Interior

By: Olivia Anderson

Car owners know the importance of cleaning their vehicles thoroughly to maintain shine. Cleaning one’s car can be therapeutic to their state of mind. That sounds great, as frequent cleaning can be the best way to maintain the new car look. Washing your vehicle is not challenging if you know the right process. However, the car can get unsightly swirl marks and streaks if you do it wrong. So, this post entails some essential car wash tips that make it easier for you to maintain the vehicle. 

Basic Car Wash Tips

Do you not feel like driving to the car wash to clean your vehicle? Nothing compares to an automobile that gets professional cleaning. Nevertheless, cleaning supplies like car shampoo, microfiber cloth, foam cleaners etc., can help to clean the car at home efficiently. 

Regular car washing will eventually safeguard your automobile and make it look as good as new. Additionally, it can aid in delaying the appearance of minor wear and tear while preserving your car’s value. So, with the best car modification accessories, get ready to make your car shine brightly.

  • Use Dedicated Car Cleaning Products

Today, the wide availability of vehicle cleaning products makes it easier to wash cars. These products are milder and designed for use in the automobile. Car care shampoos, wax, and sealants are among the best products you can use for this purpose. Moreover, specific brushes, cleaning cloths, and foam guns aid in washing the car more effectively. 

You can apply the suds using a soft, large sponge mitt on the surface. It helps eliminate grease, dirt, dust and road-tar deposits. These are often difficult to remove, but the right product can be effective. 

  • Start With the Wheels 

This is one of the most crucial car wash tips to bear in mind. Start by cleaning the wheels, then use a water jet to rinse them off. Keep in mind to use the two-bucket strategy. Fill one bucket with pure water for washing mitts or a sponge. Then, you must fill the second bucket with shampoo water for dipping the mitts and to clean the car. 

This method significantly minimises the likelihood of scratches when using the same cleaning sponge again. It removes a large amount of dirt and grime from the washing mitts/sponge.

You should always prefer washing the wheels first. This is because they are the component of an automobile that accumulates the most dirt. It’s not a set rule; you can start with the hood, go to the roof, and then wash with the wheels. But starting with the wheels will help avoid dirt on a clean car surface. After washing the wheels, ensure to rinse them using a water jet. 

  • Wash The Headlights

Don’t forget to clean your headlights as well. Soiled or sun-damaged plastic headlights may age and turn yellow. It becomes less useful while driving and damages the appearance of an otherwise clean automobile.

You may use a cleaning solution to wipe down your headlights. Then remember to clean them using a damp towel or microfiber cloth once you’re done. After washing, revive your headlights by applying a protective finish.

  • Cleaning The Windows and Glass

In addition to maintaining your car’s shine, cleaning the glass and windows will enable you to drive securely. It’s crucial to remember that tinted glass requires a different cleaning process than normal glass. Never use solutions which may be harsh on a car’s external window finish. Instead, you should buy window cleaner designed for use on automotive windows.

Prevent the cleaning solution from leaking while you are washing your windows. First, spray it directly onto the surface and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Then, you may repeat this procedure inside your automobile as well.

When washing your windows and windscreen, avoid parking in the sun. This prevents the cleaning solution from evaporating and leaving an unattractive residue or smudge.

  • Always Use Car Wash Mitts

This is among the most effective car wash tips. It appears simple to wash the automobile by hand. The procedure becomes considerably simpler when done while wearing wash mittens. Wash mitts make it easier to clean the car’s body thoroughly. It is available in a sponge, microfiber, or sheepskin material. These substances can help to complete the cleaning task without harming the body paint or wax. 

It aids in gently cleaning the body of the automobile to get rid of dirt and grime. Additionally, they are sturdy and comfortable to use. You can even clean the most delicate automobile parts efficiently. 

  • Avoid Washing the Car While It is Still Hot

Avoid washing the automobile while its body is still warm. This suggests you must not wash it under the sun’s direct rays. The soapy solution quickly dries up in the heat and makes cleaning challenging. Additionally, it leaves stains on the body of the car. It is best to wash the car in a garage or shaded area. After driving, let it cool, and start with your cleaning task. 

Finally, the last tip includes allowing the car to dry off completely. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the water and prevent streaks. You must never skip these car wash tips if you want the vehicle to look as good as new when you drive. You can get the best cleaning supplies from CarOrbis’s online site. They are the best store dealing with high-quality products at an affordable price.

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