Finding Best Cowgirl Hats Made Easy Complete Buying Guide

By: Olivia Anderson

If you’ve been looking for the perfect cowgirl hat, you know how complicated it is to find a hat that catches your eyes. People try a dozen hats only to feel more confused than where they first started! However, finding a perfect cowgirl hat doesn’t always have to be frustrating and complicated.


Your venture to find the best cowgirl hat becomes simple when you know strictly what to look for in a cowgirl hat. However, there are specific points that everyone should consider before making any shopping decision about cowgirl hats. Well, worry no more. Here’s the complete buying guide to help you find the best cowgirl hats.


  • Start With The Material Of The Hat  

The most crucial point you must consider when choosing your cowgirl hat is the material you want. Many materials and fabrics are use in cowgirl hats, so choose wisely. Currently, the cowgirl hats in the market are built with premium quality materials. Some commonly use hat materials include:


  • Straw
  • Felt
  • Leather


The best thing about these materials is that they won’t retain water if you wear them on rainy days. Straw is a perfect material to get a comfortable and lightweight feel. On the other hand, leather and felt are better know for their long lifespan.


  • Style Of The Hat

When shopping for a perfect cowgirl hat, you should always go for an ideal fit for your head instead of buying a hat that’s just large on top and smaller on the bottom section, as this will ruin the entire look of your hat. If you are trying a cowgirl hat for the first time, then you can go with the following options:


  • Straw cowboy hats
  • Leather cowboy hats
  • Wide brim cowboy hats
  • Western cowgirl hats


Whether you want to go with a trend or have your style, make sure to choose the cowgirl hat according to your choice. A western hat is usually worn with a matching hatband or brim around the crown, giving it a perfect look and unique shape.


  • Colors Combinations

When shopping for cowgirl hats, make sure that you also consider color as an essential factor. Some cowgirl hats can be worn for casual occasions, such as casual clothes, but others look best with only a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.


So it’s always best to go with the color of your choice, whether you want a neutral or vibrant flair. Whatever color or style you choose, you should check at least three different colors and then pick the one that looks best on you.


  • Easy Part Of The Hat

It’s always wise to make shopping easier by looking for the cowgirl hat that goes well with your outfit. It’s a common misconception that cowgirl hats are tough to fit, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to take care of your hat.


It needs nothing but a gentle hand wash and a brush or nylon brush after every time you wear your cowboy hat, so it will retain its shape and stay in good condition for years!


  • Additional Accessory

Cowgirl hats are mostly worn with accessories. Regarding accessories, there are two ways you can go –- you can rock it with a pair of western boots or a matching hatband. Both the styles look fabulous but choosing one that goes well with your outfit is best.


Scarves, hat bands, feathers, and pendants are a few accessories you can add to a cowgirl hat look. These small changes will bring significant results to your looks.


  • Price Of The Hat

Cowgirl hats are pretty expensive, not unexpected. But buying a cowgirl hat doesn’t mean you have to let the price restrict you from purchasing premium hats. If a good quality cowgirl hat costs you a few extra bucks, it’s always worth going the stretch. Base on their pricing, these hats are categorize as:


  • Premium:Cowgirl hats that go well with any outfit last long and come easily under budget. If you are looking for a cowgirl hat that looks best in jeans and a T-shirt, then you don’t have to spend a lot but go for premium-quality materials.


  • Simple:If you want to buy a cowgirl hat for everyday use and don’t want to spend much money, then simple hats are the best option. The simplicity is the beauty of these hats, which makes them affordable.
  • Cheap:As mention above, if you don’t have many choices and still want to own a cowgirl hat, then go for cheap cowboy hats as they look great on your head even if it’s not a perfect fit.


It’s always important to find the perfect cowgirl hat for you by considering these points before making a decision. Cowgirl hats offer a great western look for every woman. View the above-shared information to make a better decision about buying cowgirl hats.



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