How SEO For Family Law Firms Can Help you

By: Olivia Anderson

Using strategic SEO for family law firms can help your divorce attorneys get the results they need. Google only ranks websites that offer useful and effective content. Choosing a divorce attorney is an ongoing cycle, where people are searching for an attorney during a tough time, then change their minds again. This cycle may repeat several times. That is when strategic SEO for family law firms comes in handy. Listed below are some tips to boost your SEO.

Video content boosts SEO

One way to increase SEO for family law is to create a video. Video content is an excellent way to engage with potential clients and convey valuable information. Video content has several benefits, including the ability to engage viewers emotionally. For example, a divorce video can answer a potential client’s questions, such as “What’s the difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce.” A video also provides an opportunity to summarize text that would otherwise be impossible to convey visually.

Schema codes boost SEO

There are a variety of ways to improve your SEO, and Schema codes are one of them. These code extensions can be placed in a number of places on a website. You can place them in the title tag, body tag, and meta description sections. Google recognizes these markups as data, and it gives them more prominence on search engine results pages. When used correctly, they will improve your visibility and search engine results.

Mobile-friendly website boosts SEO

A well-designed website can increase your search engine optimization, so make sure your family law firm’s site is mobile-friendly. A study by Statista showed that over 60% of online searches are made on a mobile device. A website that loads slowly will detract from your rankings. Likewise, if your site is slow, people are likely to bounce. If your site is slow, your mobile visitors will have a poor user experience.

Local citations boost SEO

You should know that ranking well on Google isn’t a guarantee of generating business. You can only be as good as the information you can provide. You need to boost your local search engine optimization by using relevant citations. There are a few key areas to focus on. For example, if you’re a car accident attorney in California, you can rank well on Google by using the phrase “car accident attorney.” However, you need to be aware that traditional ranking tracking software is inaccurate.

ROI calculator helps determine the value of new client acquisition

In business, ROI is an indicator of profitability. It can measure the amount of profit a company makes based on its investment. The calculation is simple and uses only a few figures. The figures you need should be gathered from your balance sheet and financial statements. This measure helps you compare different organizations to one another. It is also useful because it can help you understand the profitability of specific business units within your organization.


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