How to Write an Effective Thesis Statement?

By: Olivia Anderson

When you read an essay or an article, you come across one or two statements that describe the intention of the piece. It clearly states the aim and objective, which provides a comprehensive insight into the piece of writing. Such a statement determines whether it will interest you or not. It is called a thesis statement. In professional writing, thesis statements are common. Academicians need to learn how to make a compelling thesis statement so their piece can receive the attention of a mass audience.

Such creativity comes after some experience in the field. For beginners, thesis writing help provides tips and guidelines on how to make an attractive thesis statement. Assignment help Australia offers helpful tips for structuring an excellent thesis statement.

Significance of thesis statement

Wondering why it matters?

A thesis statement helps the writer narrow down their argument and research area. It allows them to condense the broad research, making it easier for them to navigate. Doing this also provides readers with an overview of the argument. A proper thesis statement is a step forward in the research writing process. It determines the direction of the research.

Usually, it is kept towards the end of the introduction. The last few sentences display the project’s aim, objective and purpose. If you are unfamiliar with the structure, you can get thesis writing help from assignment help Australia. They have experts who can guide students worldwide.

How to Write A Good Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is an answer to your research question. For this, you need to ask yourself questions you would like to explore. A particular situation or event can have multiple aspects. E.g., A movie can have various elements to explore in terms of cultural, political, social, themes, representation, production, etc. You may choose any depending on your interest.

You need to narrow it down further and ask about the purpose of your research. What ideas does it cover, and why is it relevant? Frame the answers in a simple sentence as you go on further. It forms the backbone of your paper. A good thesis should have the following attributes:

  • Can be supported through various evidence throughout your paper. It can be simplified into one or two sentences.
  • It is argumentative and can have counter-arguments
  • Should explain the main questions- what, how, why are you doing what you are doing? What states the main idea; how answers the methods and sources you will utilise to support your argument, and why determines its significance?

This statement undergoes modification as you begin your background research. It never is set in stone until you finish the work. It helps you stay focused on the central problem area. Assignment help Australia has professional experts who are talented with thesis writing help. They consist primarily of scholars, professors or ex-professors with immense knowledge. With their expertise, writing a compelling thesis statement can prove beneficial.

Let’s discuss the craft of writing a thesis statement.

Step 1: Analyse the primary resources.

Go through your primary resources carefully. Identify if there are any conflicts, controversies, or topics that pique your interest. It would be helpful if you could identify any research gaps. For this, you need to do background research and read extensively. Figure out if you have anything more to add besides the existing literature. Is there something that can have counterarguments, and can you find evidence to support it? Is there a space to explore ambiguity? You can choose your research question.

Figuring out these questions is a great way to filter your research and develop a working thesis statement.

Step 2: Brainstorm

As you research, you will come up with numerous pieces of information. You will get materials, and it is necessary to filter these pieces. Use only relevant data from verified sources. Looking for answers to these questions is how you find your thesis statement. It also helps you strengthen your research.

Form a thesis statement. Be clear and concise. It is ideal to be as specific as possible, and it should start a discussion and be able to justify it.

Step 3: Focus on one main idea

The thesis statement should focus on one idea, the central point around which the research is conducted and designed. If the sentence conveys two or more concepts, it can confuse the reader.

If you struggle with multiple ideas and are unsure of which can prove significant, you can reach out to Assignment Help Australia. With their thesis writing help, you can get some direction and guidance. As their experts are skilled, they offer the best solutions.

Step 4: Refine your statement

The statement should tell your position and summarise the overall work. Because you will explain this, you can use more than one sentence. It should be specific and to the point. Your statement should answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the study?
  • What will the readers learn from your work?
  • What are the main arguments?

If you are unclear about how to refine the statement, approach thesis writing help.

How to know if your thesis statement is strong enough?

Does it answer these questions:

  • Is it specific and clear enough?
  • Does it give an idea of the research?
  • Does it answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the research question?

Points to Remember

  • Be precise
  • State your opinion
  • Add supporting details to your main idea
  • It should answer the research question
  • Include it towards the end of the Introduction

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