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This institution is known as the International Center for the Study of Imagination. Customers who have been granted permission to do so by the Ministry of the Interior can access a broad range of services connected to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) of Saudi Arabia (FAIC). The preceding paragraphs provided an overview of the many benefits that Smart Services Public Services offers to the general public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What Is the Best Way to Track the Status of My ICA Smart Services Visa?

PCs connected to the Internet may be used to test ICA Smart Services. There is a webpage accessible in both Arabic and English where you may check your visa status. A Public Services visa may only be verified with a valid Smart Services Public Services visa card. ICA Smart Services After entering your passport number and nationality, you can only check the status of your ICA Smart Services visa online. An ICA innovative services visa is required before a Kuwaiti resident permit may be issued.

For ICA registration, two working days are required to apply via one of our Kuwaiti offices instead of one of our embassies overseas. All candidates for an ICA Smart Services residence permit must have their passports stamped with an entry visa before applying for ICA registration. If your existing license has expired and you have not yet completed all of the appropriate paperwork, you will be charged 30 KD for a renewal.

Inventions in the customer service field To improve the quality of government services for the general public, Population Services was created. The Smart Service Center offers a wide range of services that may be used to renew visas online. The ICA’s online residence renewal procedure is explained step-by-step here. Individuals may continue their ICA cards by logging into their ICA account and clicking the “Renew” button.

Your insurance policy information may be accessed through the Smart Service Center with a single click. An individual’s ICA residency card has to be updated. Certain conditions may need the acquisition of a new smart-ICR to prolong a resident’s time in Kuwait. At any of our locations in Kuwait, citizens of the country may apply for a residency card.

ICA Smart Services: Do I need to sign up for them?

You must be an ICA member and have registered your firm to access ICA Smart Services. Filling out an online registration form with information about your business, employees, location, and the products and services you provide is required before you may use a service. If your registration is approved, you may use your Application Code as your login for all of ICA’s public services.

Smart Services for Enterprises from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) offers various benefits. See whether you need to register your Dubai IT company in our FAQ section if in doubt. After reading our FAQs, please email us at protected if you still have questions about ICA services and prices. Use the knowledge in the following paragraphs to produce a top-notch blog post. Innovative concepts from ICBinu will assist instructors and students in UAE schools. For example, ICA permission may not be required for a bank’s operations.

Government authorities ensuring enterprises follow all relevant rules and regulations will then analyze it. Businesses are exempt from reapplying for the first three years after their first clearance. Applicants to the ICA Smart Services Public Services will be informed of the status of their application within 14 days after submitting it. When your certificate is ready to be seen on the ICA Smart Services Public Services Portal, an email will be sent to the email address you supplied.

How do I go about getting my proposal approved by the ICA?

The first thing you need to do when starting a business is to fill out an application. There is also the possibility of using consultancy services. However, this is not essential. Your company will need an ICA Smart Services Public Service ID number to apply for any of the more than 20 currently available programs. Anyone with an ID number may now access any of these extra services at no additional cost. To use ICA e-Services, you are required to have a working connection to the Internet.

This page will direct you to the online renewal center for your company’s license. There is a wide range of options available. As part of licensing a firm, it is necessary to renew work licenses and business names periodically. The government will charge an extra fee for renewing a company’s certificate of business registration every year. Commercial information is stored in the ICA Smart Services from the ICA database.

The search is for businesses that have their registration in Dubai. Documentation relating to the activities of the ICA. Companies do not have to physically go to Dubai to get copies of their records from the city’s archives. The only way to access these extra services is to make a payment in exchange for a unique identification number.

In what ways does the ICA help companies?

A government-owned business, the intelligent services branch of the ICA is responsible for implementing electronic services and e-government initiatives in the United Arab Emirates. I2b2 may be used to pay utility bills, remit penalties, and access your software.

Paying fines by text message or mobile banking is also an option. The ICA Smart Services UAE-based support services allow you to pay for visas, passports, and other travel-related services from the comfort of your home or workplace.


ICA’s new online service is now available to customers in the United Arab Emirates. Paying your utility bills or signing up for an E-Payment card is as simple as logging into a personal account. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, also known as EITC, has developed new services for UAE residents (EITC).

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