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She is presently a Fox News contributor (FNC). At FNC’s late-night program Gutfeld! (Weeknights, 11–12 p.m. ET), she was a panelist in 2015. Kat Timpf is a writer and producer for Fox News Specialists and Sincerely Kat, despite her stage name (2019). (2017). She has been married to Cam Friscia since May 1, 2021. The first episode of “Sincerely, Kat” aired on the Fox Nation network in June of this year.

Sincerely Kat is now available on FOX Nation, as well as Gatefold! As a subscription service from FNC. Before joining Barstool Sports, Kat Timpf worked for the National Review and hosted a podcast on the site. Timpf continues to perform as a standup comic throughout the United States. Before joining Campus Reform, she was a digital editor at the Washington Times in Arlington, Virginia.

He also worked as a producer and reporter for Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana, California. She has contributed to the Orange County Register and Investor’s Business Daily, among the publications. This article also includes Kat Timpf net worth. Timpf graduated from Hillsdale College with a bachelor’s degree in English and now works freelancing.

Timpf lives in Queens, New York City. To combat bullying, she went public in 2014. Instead of depending on the state, Timpf advises individuals to make their own social and economic decisions. Everyone has a problem with him, but there is one thing they can all agree on. Timpf was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in his 27th year of life, which caused his hair to fall out.

Husband of Kat Timpf

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Cameron Friscia proposed to Timpf in August 2020, and the pair were married on May 1, 2021. When Kat Timpf first met Friscia on Raya, one of the most popular and exclusive celebrity dating apps, she was introduced to Matthew Perry, Channing Tatum, and Demi Lovato (via Page Six). She may not have married him had she trusted her early thoughts since he appeared “so clean-cut” when she compared him to her previous suitors. Their “engagement photo” on social media was a joke, but the pair seemed to be in excellent spirits throughout their time together.

Friscia graduated from the United States Military Academy with a bachelor’s degree in science. Years in the military saw him serve as Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander and Asst. Ops Officer. Since retiring from the military, he has worked with Merill Lynch Peirce Penner & Smith, Inc.

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Net worth

Kat Timpf net worth comes from her work in the media and reporting industry. She makes the most of her money as a journalist. Based on an estimated $1.5 million in assets, Kat Timpf is net worth $50,000 annually. Kat Timpf net worth had a respectable media and journalism career and a fruitful tenured professorship.

Kat’s calling card has always been a long and successful career. Numerous radio and television appearances have been part of her career and Kat Timpf net worth. Other popular shows include Fox & Friends, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Neil Cavuto’s Your Work, Red Eye, and Stössel, among many more.

When Kat received the prestigious Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program Grant in 2012 for Kat Timpf net worth, she was overjoyed. The Impacts of Following Golden State Policy: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy received a grant. After starring on Fox’s The Greg Gutfeld Show, Katherine became a household name. After that, she has named a Fox News Specialists co-host. Fox Nation host Kat thanked her for her service.

Facts about Kat Timpf

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  • Timpf has been a guest on several shows, including The Greg Gutfeld Show, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” “Red Eye,” “Stossel,” and “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”
  • Virginia-based CampusReform.org employs her at the Leadership Institute. The NASA Third Rock Radio and the Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana have also used her.
  • While working on his project, “As California goes, so goes the nation: the implications of adopting Golden State policy,” Timpf received a scholarship from Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program in 2012.
  • Timpf has worked as a writer or comedienne for a few magazines, including The Orange County Register, Investor’s Business Daily, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, International Business Times, and The Washington Times.
  • In addition to her appearances on Fox News, Timpf’s articles and satire appeared in National Review Online.


It is now confirmed that the piece written by Kat Timpf for the National Review on December 27, 2018, will be retracted. According to an article published by The National Review, a report on a sexual harassment complaint filed under Title IX at the University of Missouri “omitted important data.”

Even though Kat Timpf claimed that a female student had complained about unwanted advances because the alleged harasser was more prominent than she was, a deposition taken in the case revealed that the alleged harasser “had made repeated, unwelcome advances toward the female student and was found to violate Title IX for stalking her.”

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