Let’s Review Some Great Custom Candle box Packagings

By: Olivia Anderson

What is so Great About Candle Boxes?

Well, Candles have become a symbol of peace and relaxation due to their beautiful fragrance but what makes them most important is their beautiful and best packaging. They are used for different events and occasions and customized according to our customer’s needs. Customize candle boxes is done in a very delicate manner which not only makes our candles look presentable and safe but also helps the customers in making their best choice


These customized candle boxes are manufactured according to designs, sizes, and shapes. This makes them beautiful too. Additionally, these custom retail boxes meet the demands and want of various clients. Different styles and designs appeal to the customers, who also help in a promotional manner.


What are the Different Types of Candle Packaging?

Without any further due, let’s head on to the different types but first, let’s see what makes them different.

Materialization of the candle boxes is very important not only for promotional purposes but also for the safety of candles. The best materialization protects the candles and packaging from environmental and transportation disturbances. All the materials used for our customized retail boxes are biodegradable and prevent damage to our candles.


There are different types of packaging, as some of these boxes are also for gift and presentation purposes. These include candle glow boxes, cardboard packaging , corrugated packaging, chipboard packaging, folding cartons, pillow-style packaging, auto lock boxes, display packaging, etc.


Custom Gloss Candle Boxes

These gloss candle boxes are the best way to protect the candles from environmental and transport damage. These retail candle boxes come in a variety of sizes and forms.  They are made from the finest material. Their finishing is done by glossy matte, spot UV, and aqueous coating. There are benefits of these custom gloss boxes in that it is not only the best way for promotional purposes but also a lot of customer satisfaction, which is why many companies prefer this type of luxury candle box.


Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard material is a solid material that protects different items in the best manner. It does not deform easily, so the products are safe inside such packaging. These custom candle boxes are not expensive, so you can order them again even after a short period. These retail boxes also help in enhancing your sales in the long run as these are easily available and not expensive at all.


Corrugated Packaging

They are environmentally safe materials; thus, many other products other than candles are also packed in this type. These retail candle boxes are made from the finest material and are stronger than cardboard candle boxes. Also, these are affordable easily and thus help in amplifying your business. These economical candle boxes increase sales.


Chipboard Packaging

Chipboard candle boxes are made from reclaimed paper stock material and are lighter and more flexible than cardboard, corrugated and other materials. The folding and shaping of this material are easy and reliable, and so many lightweight products, even other than candles, are customized in such packaging. These retail candle boxes are basically for small and lightweight candles and are not expensive.


Pillow Box Packaging

It is also a type of flexible packaging. It presents like a pillow. Pillow candle boxes are basically for the single-served product. This type of retail candle box packaging is not long-lasting and is not suitable for large-sized and long-shaped candles, but this is cheaper than all other materials and thus increases many companies’ sales.


Shapes of Candle Boxes

There are different shapes of customized candle boxes. They are basically according to the sizes of different candles. These include square boxes, pillar candle boxes, hexagonal boxes, etc.


Square Boxes

These have equal sides and are mostly used by candle holders. They are beautifully decorated and are easily available in small, medium, and large sizes. Square candle boxes give a fine and delicate look and help increase a company’s sales.


Pillar Candle Boxes

These are used for long-size candles, as shown by PILLARS. These candle boxes are also amazingly manufactured so that the long candles remain safe and are available in different designs. These retail candle boxes present a luxurious look and thus attract customers and amplify the business of many companies.


Hexagonal Candle Boxes

These retail candle boxes are widely spaced candle boxes so that all the candles are easily managed. These are used for odd-shaped candles. You can look out for these easily, as the hexagonal candle boxes are finely structured, and all types of candles are easily managed in these boxes. These are also used for gift purposes and increase sales in this way.


In this era of competition, the best candle boxes are economical and fulfill the requirements and expectations of the customers. We provide customized retail candle boxes of different materials, sizes,s, and shapes. These customized candle boxes wholesale will amplify the business and satisfy the customers.

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