Liquid Waste Disposal Important for Country’s Development

By: Olivia Anderson

Liquid waste is a waste material that is in the liquid form. Such wastes have the potential to pollute the water bodies, thus leading to water pollution causing an adverse impact on the health of the people and disrupts the water ecosystem. And, so proper liquid waste disposal is important.

Liquid Waste Disposal in Various Countries

Waste, in general, is disposed of in different ways in different countries. Waste is primarily of two types – solid and liquid waste. They need to be done away with differently. But different countries have different ways of disposing of their waste matter. Say, for instance, Australia, a nation in the Southern Hemisphere, is heavily dependent on its landfills to dispose of most waste.

The waste material that cannot be re-used or recycled is disposed of by dumping them into landfills dotting the nation. Again, if you are living in India, if you want to get done with your industrial liquid waste disposal, then you must get it treated in your effluent treatment plant before doing away with it. This way, the landfills and the water bodies dumped in do not get contaminated. This is what is meant when it is said that different countries have different means of waste disposal.

Why Is Waste Disposal Requirements Increasing?

Waste disposal is becoming increasingly more important because waste disposal has to be strong and efficiently managed. The rise in waste is because most people’s incomes are increasing. The more economic growth a country experiences, the more it is likely to produce waste. So today, people, instead of getting their appliances and equipment repaired and recycled, dispose of them and buy new ones. This is one way of increasing waste directly linked to a company’s economic growth.

Waste Management

Waste management became an integral part of society in most countries in the second half of the 19th century. In some countries, this waste management is regulated at two levels of the government – one is at the state level and the other at the national level. Certain regulatory bodies are in charge of waste management. They regulate everything relating to waste management.

Impact Of Liquid Waste Disposal in Landfills

Liquid waste disposal has to be done very carefully. If they are disposed of in landfills, they must be done with immense care. If it is simply dumped into the landfill, after a certain usage time, that landfill becomes contaminated. Thus, liquid waste must be first managed properly before being dumped.

The groundwater bored from the land near the landfills on analysis will show heavy contamination, as was the case when 15 boreholes near Perth, Australia, showed contamination plumes that were big enough. The groundwater was high in its ammonia content, as were the iron and bacteria levels. It exceeded the fitness level indicated by the government for drinking purposes.

The Different Sources of Liquid Waste

The different sources of liquid waste are residences, industrial & commercial places, heavily congested places, and waste generated from natural disasters. Thus, liquid waste disposal should be given primary importance in such areas for better and healthy living in society.

Types Of Liquid Waste

Liquid waste disposal is of immense importance because it cannot be allowed to accumulate in any area. That could lead to serious problems in society. The various types of liquid waste are wastewater, fat, oil or grease, sludge from swages, household liquids that are hazardous in nature, organic & inorganic waste, stormwater and various other liquids discharged from residences.

Concluding With How to Manage Liquid Waste?

Liquid waste disposal can be done in a number of ways. It can be treated in sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. These treatment plants use very modern techniques, and methods as liquid waste can cause serious damage to nature. The governments generally manage these plants at various levels in various countries. Therefore, it is expected that the best measures and steps will be implemented to keep the country clean and green. 

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