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Many people receive a lot of recognition and fame not because of their own achievements but because of getting into relationships with famous celebrities. Similar is the case with MVS Kishore, who is not a famous celebrity but the spouse of a famous South-Indian actress, Mamilla Shailaja, more famously known as Priya.

Mamilla Shailaja Priya is an Indian actress who is very famous among fans of Tamil and Telugu movies and television series. She is often seen in different roles in both Tv serials and movies. She has been recently associated with the famous reality show Bigg Boss when she participated as a contestant in the show.

As far as information about MVS Kishore is concerned, we have dug long and hard on the internet but unfortunately, we were able to find only a few details that we are going to share with our readers.

If you also want to learn more about Shailaja Priya husband Kishore, then read the whole article to gain information like MVS Kishore age, height, net worth and other basic information.

Who is MVS Kishore? 

priya husband kishore


MVS Kishore is not a famous personality or any celebrity but he is better known as the husband of famous Tamil actress Mamilla Shailaja. The actress is better known with the name of her debut role on the small screen Priya.

The actress has recently received a lot of limelight along with her family members as she participated in the famous reality show Bigg Boss. She has acted in quite many projects and is a well-known celebrity in TV serials as well as Tamil and Telugu movies.

Shailaja Priya Husband Kishore 

Shailaja Priya’s husband Kishore is an out-of-limelight personality and nothing much about MVS Kishore is available in the sources. However, what we do know about the couple is that MVS Kishore and Mamilla Shailaja tied the knot in 2002.

The marriage of the couple was conducted in a private ceremony and only a few close relatives and family members were invited to the wedding. The couple has been together since and Mamilla Shailaja has seen some of her most fabulously aspiring days in the industry after her marriage.

The couple has a son together who was born after a year of Mamilla and MVS Kishore’s marriage. Their son’s name is Nischay.

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MVS Kishore Age, Wiki, Bio and Other Basic Information 

Full Name / Real Name MVS Kishore
Date Of Birth Not Available
Place of Birth India
Year Of Birth Not Available
Zodiac Sign Not Available
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Brown
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Profession Not Available
Famous For Mamilla Shailaja’s Husband
Relationship Status Committed
Marital Status Married
Spouse Name Mamilla Shailaja
Children Yes
Children’s Name Son: Nischay
Age Not Available
Height Not Available
weight Not Available
Body Measurements Not Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Social Media Presence No

Married and Family Life of MVS Kishore 

priya husband kishore


MVS Kishore has been married to a famous South-Indian actress, Mamilla Shailaja since 2002. The couple has been through a lot of ups and downs throughout their time together but they never left supporting each other and tackled the hurdles together.

Mamilla Shailaja rose to some peak of her career after her marriage with MVS Kishore and her success in the entertainment industry would not have been possible without the support of her husband.

Mamilla Shailaja Priya is seen performing many different types of roles in Tv serials as well as Tamil and Telugu movies. She debuted her career with the movie named Master which was released in the year 1998. Besides this she also started her career in the small screen in the same year with the drama serial Priya Sakhi. Mamilla Shailaja’s role in the serial had become so famous that she also get to be recognized by the name of her in the serial.

Some Facts About MVS Kishore 

Not much information about MVS Kishore is available on the internet and even after searching for quite some time, we were only able to recover information about him being the husband of famous Tamil actress, Mamilla Shailaja.

The facts that we know about MVS Kishore are that he does not drink alcohol or smoke and is a loyal and lovable husband and a father.

MVS Kishore Net Worth 

Likewise, the other details about MVS Kishore, the information about his monthly income and net worth are not available on the internet.


MVS Kishore is an Indian man who is famously known as the husband of Tamil actress Mamilla Shailaja. She has been seen in various Tamil Tv serials and movies. Mamilla Shailaja has recently participated in the famous reality show Bigg Boss and has become the center of the spotlight during her time in the game.

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