Online Hotel Management Course and Certification

By: Olivia Anderson

Introduction of Hotel Management


Hotel management refers to the area of the hospitality industry which involves overseeing operations around a specific location of the hotel. A hotel manager can manage the operations of the resort, motel or similar establishment by providing lodging and other facilities for the guests. The term ‘hotel manager’ refer to the manager of the hotel who seems to serve as the topmost executive at a particular property. The duty that is being assigned to the manager depends on the hotel’s size and the expectations and the purpose of the owners. A hotel’s general manager receives support from the departmental head who not only oversees their employees and reports on key functions.

Some of the key departments of a big hotel comprise the front office or the front desk, housekeeping, reservations, sales, revenue, marketing, catering and events, food, finance, security, beverage, engineering and human resources. A career associated with hotel management involves working in any of the mentioned areas within the industry. However, in a small hotel, the departments shall comprise guest service, housekeeping, engineering, beverage, and food along with sales, accounts, and marketing. Working across the hotel management requires one to gain experience in a hotel, irrespective of working in housekeeping or front desk. Various professionals belonging to hotel management move up the ladder within the industry due to relevant experience.

The Course that is Best for The Hotel Management

The best course for hotel management is as follows:

  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • BA in Hotel Management.
  • BBA in Hotel Management.
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  • BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management.

The Way to Start a  Hotel Management Course?

Students looking for a professional career in the hospitality industry generally pursue courses in hotel management after class 12. Bachelor of Hotel Management  (BHM) and Master of Hotel Management (MHM) is renowned hotel management courses. The admission to the hotel management depends on the results of entrance exams or merit. Students in both cases needed to score around 50 percent in Class 10 and the Class 12 examinations. Some of the topmost entrance exams for hotel management courses are JEE, AIMA, AIHMCT WAT, and NCHMCT. Before deciding on the professional program for hotel management, students will be able to explore the online courses of hotel management on various online portals. A diploma in hotel management happens to be another renowned training-based program for those who need to secure a job right after the completion of the program on hotel management.

Education Required for the Hotel Management Course


The minimum amount of qualification necessary for the course on hotel management is  10+2. Students can choose between the certificate diploma or the degree course. The certification has a duration of close to 6 months to one year while the degree course happens to have a duration of three years. The selection for the governmental institutes and colleges is made via the entrance exam held every year in April. Private colleges, however, conduct their separate entrance exam. An aptitude test and a group discussion are undertaken for the final selection of students into the course. It is also necessary for the candidates to possess outstanding skills in communication. They must also possess intrapersonal skills for handling the students with patience so that a delightful impact can be left on the clients.

Benefits of Learning  Hotel Management Course Online

Develop Unlimited Options in Career:

After completing the undergraduate course in hotel management post class 12, one can work as the manager of a prestigious hotel. One could also launch their agency. In case the student decides to pursue an online course, then he or she can also commence on their travel agency business. If one prefers to work in the operations or business sector, they shall be equipped as courses in hospitality tend to cover sessions on management and the other associated subjects. Thus the opportunities for the online hotel management course are endless.

Develop a Refined Set of Interpersonal Intelligence and Service Skills:  

Online courses teach the candidates in learning the art of associating with people. The online course also provides the students with a greater level of understanding in elegantly dealing with the customers’ needs to ensure that they feel welcomed and comfortable with a preference for coming back.

Developing Better Skills of Management:

Candidates who opt for studying online also can attain better skills in management. The acquired skills attained through the certifications apply to different industries. The online courses act as an effective foundation for every kind of manager since they receive training for resolving the hurdles within the fast-paced work segment.

Helps to Focus on Deeper Learning:

Online platforms benefit from the algorithms for tracking student performance. Certain platforms also utilize performance data to set exclusive lesson plans for the students. The algorithm motivates the student to dive deeper into the topics of their interest. As there exists no syllabus or notes so the student can dive deeper into the ideas which excite them, thus enhancing their engagement for the students.

Can be Anywhere, Anywhere, or Anytime:

Learning online courses in hospitality gives students access to ideas from anywhere and anytime. It also opens up newer areas of education, such as remote rural regions and the lesser developed nations.

Ensures Self-Paced Learning:

The significant advantage of taking up an online course in hotel management is that it enables the students to learn at their pace. It allows the student to skip ahead when lessons are easy or repeat or pause the lessons when they find the content difficult. The best thing about the online course is its ability to put the course work o hold while catching up with the other classes, studying for major exams, or writing the research paper.

Provides Stability of Career:

The industry tends to be stable and stands stronger despite the constant market preferences and technological evolution. And people will need a hotel or a resort whenever they travel. Therefore, through regular education talented and skilled students tend to be always asked for.

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