Power Platform: What is it and What is it for?

By: Olivia Anderson

Power Platform is the starting signal for a technological revolution by Microsoft, that is, we are talking about a platform that allows organizations to create solutions without the need to use code.

Microsoft Power Platform brings together some business solutions that will help you create the tools your business needs without any programming knowledge and based on data connectivity and analysis.

Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Agents

The Power Platform platform has three main pillars: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Agents. These will help you analyze and transform your organization’s data.

Currently, data is one of the fundamental pillars that a company has. Effective control of data can be a differentiating factor for a company to achieve business success.

Well, thanks to these three solutions, any SME, regardless of its size, can analyze and transform data like never before, and that will make it possible to make decisions more safely and quickly.

For example, one of the most outstanding advantages may be anticipating market demand trends, thus managing to adapt your production or orders to reduce costs or only manufacture what is necessary without having to assume losses.

Microsoft designed and created Power Platform with the aim of automating and improving any business process and giving the user the opportunity to create their own. This really is empowering a company!

Both Power Apps and Power Automate, Power BI and Power Agents have a transversal axis: data. Create workflows, reports, etc. are some of the benefits of using the Power Platform.

We explain in more detail the four solutions.

Power BI

Bring your data to life

This reporting solution is one of the best known and most effective on the market and we do not say so, but the market itself endorses it. Check it out here .

Power BI gives you tools like creating dynamic dashboards and reports on your business data.

Do you want to know some of its main advantages?

  • The data is fully interactive and accessible from any mobile device.
  • With Microsoft Power BI you will visualize data and be able to cross each other to create, for example, business reports.
  • And of course, you can work with a connection to local databases as well as in the cloud.

Power Apps

«You have the power!

Power Apps is one of the most powerful solutions that Microsoft has brought to the table.

We are talking about a set of connectors, solutions and services that allow, without programming knowledge, to create applications completely tailored to your business without the participation of third parties. Very interesting right?

Although it can be a bit scary, Power Apps has been developed with the aim of making things easy for the end user, since it has an intuitive and easy-to-use design that the user will immediately adapt to.

It is a solution that will allow you to create an application for almost anything.

Power Automate

Forget repetitive tasks

Some of the simpler tasks are repeated and/or continue to work with paper in between. It’s time to change these processes and Power Automate has been created to solve this.

Those manual tasks that consume a lot of time in our daily lives can become automated processes, with the users themselves designing their own workflows, thus reducing development costs and optimizing overall efficiency.

What advantage does this entail? One that provides great value, allows users to have more time to focus on tasks that truly generate value.

With Power Automate, improving any area of ​​the organization through digitization is now possible (file synchronization, data collection…).

Power Virtual Agents

Create a virtual partner

With Power Virtual Agents you can create bots capable of solving your customers’ doubts at any time and, on top of that, receive suggestions from them on some of the most repeated topics among the comments that have arrived.

Personalize the conversations and integrate them with your products and services to be able to offer a better service.

What do you think about Power Platform? In our opinion, Microsoft has created a very powerful functional platform that will help you anticipate any needs of your customers, respond to them more effectively or simply automate processes that take time away from what is really important: focus on your customers.

Create yourself the tool that your business needs. Get more business efficiency and increased productivity. Are you up for it?

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