By: Olivia Anderson


Are you prepared to engage a professional house cleaning service? You’re not alone, if so. In reality, professional house cleaning services offer a number of benefits.

House cleaning is a necessary aspect of homeownership that can be difficult to incorporate into a hectic schedule. A busy schedule should not compromise the cleanliness of one’s dwelling. CleanBee house cleaning services Cork is ready to assist you. We are a comprehensive house cleaning service that combines dependable and devoted service with the latest current cleaning techniques and technology to give your home a cleaning unlike any other.


You are aware that hiring a house cleaning service is an excellent approach to free up your schedule without sacrificing a spotless home. Additionally, there are numerous health benefits linked with living in a clean environment. But how do you go about spotting the most suitable house cleaning service?

Bringing in an individual who is not affiliated with a formal cleaning service company entails a number of dangers. Whether you want to engage a house cleaning service for a one-time duty, an annual spring cleaning, or something more regular, there are a few things you should spot before making a choice.

1) Select a cleaning service to enhance your legal protections:

When you engage a house cleaning service as opposed to just an individual, the firm handles background checks, worker’s compensation, and insurance concerns. This method is often preferable for families that lack the time and legal expertise to defend themselves against disagreements with individual employees. Ask prospective cleaning services whether they have conducted background checks on their personnel. Credible businesses will conduct these checks on all new hires.

2) Flat pricing is preferable: 

Remember that cleaning estimate that was $100 less than the others? Yes, it sounds excellent, but you should definitely double-check to see if it is a flat charge. Most likely, it is not, and they have badly underestimated the job. This is how you could end up with a $350 bill when you believed you would be paying $170.

3) They Are Effective:

The capacity to clean effectively is crucial! Naturally, one person’s speed may differ from another’s, but our CleanBee cleaners understand the value of being punctual with their work. The initial cleaning of a home typically takes longer than subsequent cleanings; your home is at its dirtiest, and our cleaner is still learning the layout and determining the most efficient way to clean your home, so keep this in mind. Usually, pricing is a combination of the project and the amount of time it will take, although it is sometimes preferable to have a defined fee for the job. Thus, if it takes us a little longer one time and a little less time another time, in the end, it will even out.

4) They Possess Effective Communication Abilities:

Our CleanBee house cleaning services have excellent communication skills. If there are schedule conflicts, you will be notified appropriately. We promptly return your phone calls or text messages. We discussed your expectations and comprehended the requirements of the position. Communication is bidirectional! If you have any complaints regarding our cleaner, please let us know. If you want us to give you the finest possible service, we will be interested in what you have to say. Take the time to discuss expectations, adjustments in salary, scheduling, and job evaluations.

5) Relatable:

A relationship between the cleaning service and the consumer should be the company’s primary priority. When hiring a business to clean your home, you should feel comfortable with the company’s employees entering your home at all hours. As a house cleaning company, we are proud of the fact that we go the extra mile to develop relationships with all of our customers!

6) Personal service and accessibility:

Be sure to check the business’s hours of operation. When shopping for a house cleaning service, ensure that they can accommodate your schedule. You may prefer that the house cleaning service clean your home when you are at home after work. CleanBee’s house cleaning service in Cork provides customized service that adapts to your schedule. If you prefer our cleaning services to clean while you are at work. The majority of businesses also prefer this and will tailor a cleaning plan to your needs.


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