Reviving Water-Damaged iPhones & iPhone Repair in Vancouver

By: Olivia Anderson

Every iPhone user wants to avoid water entering their iPhones. Nevertheless, iPhone users fail at preventing their expensive smartphones from water at times. iPhone users accidentally drop their iPhones in fountains, ponds, bathtubs, and even toilets. As a result, cell phone users are left with no choice but iPhone repair in Vancouver. Further, iPhone users can choose to buy a new iPhone. However, buying a new iPhone is undoubtedly costly for iPhone users. Fortunately, new iPhone models offer some kind of water resistance; still, they are not completely waterproof. Thus, we are going to some tips in this post to possibly revive water-damaged iPhones.

What to Avoid If Your iPhone Encounters Water Damage?

There are certain things you should avoid if your iPhone encounters water-damage. Here are things you should avoid with water damaged iPhones:

Using a Wet iPhone:

If you keep using a wet iPhone, it will only intensify the water damage over time. It cannot only completely damage your iPhone but also make repair costlier for you.

Plugging the iPhone in and Using It:

You should avoid plugging the iPhone in and keep using it after water damage. It can result in a short circuit or even combustion and eventually fire. Therefore, avoid plugging in a wet iPhone. 

Using a Hair Dryer:

Forcing hot air and even cool air can worsen the water damage your iPhone has encountered. It can spread moisture around within your iPhone. Moreover, heat can also damage the internal circuitry of your iPhone. Therefore, avoid it, too. 

Tips to Possibly Save a Water Damaged iPhone

Aside from repair, the tips we are going to share with you may not also work. Still, the tips we are going to share with you are worth a try.  

Dry the Device:

You can shut your device off immediately after water damage. Then, remove the case of your iPhone if present. Phone cases often have grooves plus nooks & crannies to let water accumulate. Thus, it is best you put your iPhone case aside after turning your iPhone off. It can possibly help you prevent water from spreading into your device.

Remove the SIM Card Tray:

First, dry off your iPhone accessories on the outside. Make sure you take extra care with the charging port, headphone jack, and other openings. You should remove the SIM card tray if your iPhone does not use an e-SIM. At times, liquid can go inside a SIM card tray. Thus, you should remove it to prevent water from possibly getting into it.

Try Removing Excess Water without Disassembling the iPhone:

If you notice water dripping out of your iPhone display, port, around the button, turn the iPhone over with your iPhone screen facing downwards. It will help you drain out excess water from your expensive device. It may aid you in preventing your iPhone from water damage; however, the trick may not work, too.

Opt for the Uncooked Rice Method:

Uncooked rice absorbs moisture in an insane manner, and uncooked rice may work for you, too. You can place your water-damaged device in a rice container while covering your device completely. Also, make sure your keep your iPhone powered off. Plus, let your iPhone sit around for two days; it may aid you in recovering your water-damaged device. There is no certainty the method will always work. Nonetheless, you can always head to a credible iPhone repair shop, such as Cell Fixx, for iPhone repair in Vancouver. 

Deploy Silica Gel Packets:

Silica gel packets are toxic to ingest, yet a good alternative to th uncooked rice method to revive water-damaged devices. Using silica gel packets is also safer as nothing will clog into your iPhone ports if you use them. Besides, silica gel packets serve the purpose of preventing goods from the moisture they come packaged with.

Avail of AppleCare+ If You Can:

If your iPhone has AppleCare+ protection, consider the warranty to replace your device. The base warranty that Apple offers on iPhones when you purchase them does not cover water damage. Nevertheless, the paid option does. Thus you should consider utilizing the protection plan to replace your iPhone if you can.

You can visit a reputable iPhone repair shop if any of the above options do not seem to work for you. Besides, choosing a credible phone repair service is also the safest option to revive your water-damaged iPhone.


Accidentally dropping iPhones into the water is one of the common issues iPhone users face. Moreover, iPhone users can also visit an iPhone repair shop for iPhone repair in Vancouver to recover their water-damaged iPhones. In addition, the following tips are also worth trying to possibly save water-damaged iPhones:

  1. Dry the Device
  2. Remove the SIM Card Tray
  3. Try Removing Excess Water without Disassembling the iPhone
  4. Opt for Uncooked Rice Method
  5. Deploy Silica Gel Packets
  6. Avail of AppleCare+ If You Can

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