Some Important Tips for Wardrobe

By: Olivia Anderson

At times it becomes important for us to arrange the entire wardrobe properly so that we do not get the stinky smell nor our clothes get damaged by moths. In fact, a clean and arranged wardrobe gives us a positive and happy vibe. We are able to find our things easily from the wardrobe without spending much time here and there by searching for them. In fact, we can use the wardrobe storage boxes that come with these wardrobes to store those items that we do not use often and that do not fit inside our wardrobe.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the important tips that we need to follow to keep our wardrobe properly arranged and our clothes cleaned. If you are an ecommerce business owner, shipping different items and household furniture, such as wardrobes, then you should use strong and sturdy cardboard boxes that keep the wardrobes safe during transit. In fact, if you are shifting to a new place, you can use strong, robust and durable cardboard boxes for your wardrobe and other household items. You can easily get these removal boxes from different stores online as well. Packaging Express is an online store, where you will get different types of packaging materials such as wardrobe storage boxes, cardboard removal boxes, bubble wrap rolls, foam rolls, edge guards, kraft paper rolls and so on.

Let Us Now Have A Look at Some of The Tips We Need to Follow for Our Wardrobe.

Keep Your Wardrobe Away from Moths

We get moths inside our wardrobe because of the smell of the sweat, hair oil and body oil that are left in our clothes. Of course, we wash and clean our clothes before putting them inside the wardrobe, but sometimes some smells or scents remain in our clothes and that finally attract moths. In order to get rid of moths, you need to follow some simple steps and remedies. Put camphors in between your clothes from time to time. Your clothes not only will smell fresh, but will be protected from moths. Apart from that you can put bay leaves, cloves, dried rosemary or lavender in a cloth bag and put it in the drawers of the wardrobe, or simply just hand it inside the wardrobe. You can also put a diffuser with essential oils inside the wardrobe to keep the moths away.

Organise Your Wardrobe from Time to Time

It is necessary to organise your wardrobe from time to time. It is because we use our wardrobe everyday for different reasons. The most common reason being, we use our wardrobe to pick up the dress we want to wear for the day. In selecting a particular dress, we tend to disarrange the entire pile of dresses and everything inside the wardrobe gets scattered. So, from time to time, we need to organise our wardrobe properly. Also, ocean and dust the outer part of the wardrobe regularly. This will make our wardrobe look smart and we will get the required items from the wardrobe easily.

Fold your clothes properly before putting them inside the wardrobe. Make sure that the clothes that are heavy, such as sweaters are put on the top. Make sure that you are buttoning and zipping those clothes, having buttons and zippers, before folding them and keeping them inside the wardrobe. Once the clothes are zipped and buttoned, it becomes easy to fold them neatly and put them on the shelves of the wardrobe. Hang the clothes that are long and flowy with hangers. If your wardrobe does not have much space, make sure that you are putting the less used items in the wardrobe storage boxes.

Use Wooden Hangers to Hang Your Clothes

You cannot iron all the clothes and keep them folded inside the wardrobe. For some clothes you need to use hangers. Because, some delicate clothes remain in a good condition, if you hang them on a hanger. Therefore, you need to have good quality hangers for your clothes. Make sure that you are using wooden hangers instead of plastic hangers. Wooden hangers are strong and thick. Also, wooden hangers properly maintain the shape of the shoulders of the clothes. So, it is better to use wooden hangers. Make sure that you are hanging your clothes at a one-inch gap. This will give enough space for your clothes to breathe.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips you need to follow for your wardrobe. When shifting to a new place, make sure that you are using bubble wrap rolls, foam rolls, strong, sturdy and durable cardboard removal boxes and other protective materials to pack your wardrobe.

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