Tips To Know To Zip Line Like A Pro

By: Olivia Anderson

zipiZip lining is an adventure that everyone should try once in life. It enables you to fly in the air like a bird and enjoy the amazing sights. Furthermore, this zipline adventure park is top of the list for adrenaline junkies as it makes them fly in the air with their heart pumping, wind touching their faces, and the smell of freedom.

The UAE has the largest zip line in the world, with Dubai offering amazing options in theme parks. Whether you want a memorable weekend with your family or planning a day out with friends full of adventure, the emirate has numerous options. There are many theme parks offering long ziplines park in Dubai. Whether you want to take a ride amidst trees or enjoy the iconic skyline, Dubai is the dreamland for adrenaline junkies.

However, it can be an overwhelming experience for those trying it for the first time. Seeing others riding and enjoying provokes the zipline adventure park lover hidden inside everyone to give this thrilling activity a try. Having said that, it is the hardest decision for acrophobic people but bear in mind that the first try is always the difficult one, but you are not living a life if you do not take risks.

Are you afraid of ziplining because you do not know much about it, and it fears you? Do not worry. Let’s discuss the essentials of zip lining that you must know to ride like a pro.

1.   Focus On The Guide’s Instructions

Focusing on the guide is the last thing we think of when surrounded by friends and indulging in silly group gossip. If you are a neophyte, you must listen to what your guide says because he briefs every essential information about the adventure, which can help you during the ride in the zipline park. You will not like to make your first experience the worst by missing the important details of keeping yourself safe during the adventure, right? so make sure to be all ears.

2.   Choose Your Course

You have an option to ride alone or go for a side-by-side zipline course. People who are new to the experience and afraid to ride along can go for a dual course to experience the adventure in the company of a person they feel secure around. In this way, you will have control over your nerves and enjoy the ride to the fullest. Even if you are a pro, dual ziplines can be fun because you can compete with your partner to see who is faster or ride by holding hands to support each other.

3.   Pluck Up Your Courage

Every new experience seems difficult at first. The same is the case with zip lining. The fear of heights and excitement of trying zip lining can make you nervous, and it is not about you. Everyone feels nervous during the first ride making it difficult to take the plunge. In fact, the mixed feelings of anxiety, excitement, and fear are what make the first time memorable. Just take a deep breath and trust in yourself that you can do it. Once you step off, you will give yourself a pat for doing it.

4.   Cater To Weight Restrictions

Some platforms have restrictions on age and weight. So, ask the facilities about the restrictions. Furthermore, sometimes the harness gear does not support the extra weight, thereby making it difficult to maintain balance.

5.   Have Control Over Breaks

How to handle breaks is a part of the briefing the guide gives at the start, which some people do not give heed to. Not having an idea about how to manage it makes you end up hugging the wrong side of the tree. So, make sure to have control on the break to stop during the ride when needed.

6.   Know About Zip Line Gears

Your guide will brief you about all the necessary gears required for zip lining. It is because knowing about them helps you counter-check everything before taking off the platform. Bear in mind that your instructor must check the gears before the ride. If he does not, ask him to check. The gears include helmet, harness, and gloves.

7.   Choose The Best Location

There are many theme parks in Dubai that offer fun activities for kids and thrilling rides for adults and therefore have something for everyone. So, whether planning team building activities or a day out with friends and folks, the emirate offers fantastic opportunities to do it all.

In all, the aforementioned tips can help you zipline safely and make it memorable. So, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride with beautiful sights amidst nature.  


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