Top 3 Amazing Metaverse Projects You Should Know

By: Olivia Anderson

The fact that Facebook will spend $10 billion in 2021 to make the metaverse a reality shows just how much value this relatively new idea can add. Many people, including small businesses and various projects, want to be a part of this industry that may be worth trillions of dollars.

The best features of VR and AR are combined in the metaverse to create an alternative reality. These realities could either be wholly made-up or resemble the real world.

This makes it possible for companies to have interactive virtual storefronts in a metaverse and for musicians to perform at online events that anyone in the world can attend.

Even big businesses like Microsoft are making use of the metaverse for their own gain by building a virtual setting that enables remote workers and clients to interact. Microsoft is making an effort to create a more comfortable and immersive work environment, and this includes using avatars and holo portation.

However, we want to focus on three particular projects in this area. Among the numerous initiatives leading Metaverse Development Services provider in this space are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels .

Amazing Metaverse Projects

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online video game with non-fungible tokens that was created by the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. It is well-known for its cryptocurrency-based in-game currency system.

The digital pets known as Axies that are collected and mint NFTs by Axie Infinity players. Within the game, players can breed these creatures and engage in combat with one another. When players trade Axies on Sky Mavis’ market, they must pay a 4.25 percent fee.

Over $11.3B in SLP have been claimed by nearly 6.5M wallets from Axie Infinity in 2021. Over 1.5M different wallets were sold for more than $4B thanks to the NFT market. And the bridge increased the Ronin ecosystem’s value by more than $5 billion.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution are its two most well-known mobile hits (2016).

which resulted in 40 million downloads for iOS and Android combined.

Developer/Publisher Pixowl made the decision to bring this popular User Generated Content gaming IP and a sizable mobile community of creators to the blockchain ecosystem in 2018.

By giving creators of existing games like Minecraft and Roblox true ownership of their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding them for contributing to the ecosystem, the project seeks to upend established game publishers like Roblox and Minecraft.


If you’ve spent enough time learning about the Metaverse, you’ve probably heard of Cryptovoxels, a user-owned world that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Origin City is a city located within Cryptovoxels. The users own the land parcels in Origin city, while “The Corporation” owns the city’s streets.

If you purchase and own a parcel, you have the ability to modify its features and add or remove voxel-based blocks. If you’re feeling especially kind, you could turn your piece of property into a giant sandbox where anyone is free to construct anything they like.

You can connect your HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Oculus Quest to further enhance your experience. Because of its drag-and-drop asset builder, Cryptovoxels doesn’t require you to code any of your digital creations, making it incredibly simple to use even if you’re new to cryptocurrency and the Metaverse.

Just head over to OpenSea, where you’ll find a wealth of assets to choose from, if you’d rather just buy assets than create them. Cryptovoxels’ native currency is known as $COLR, but as of June 2020, the platform switched to using ETH as their preferred currency, rendering $COLR officially extinct.

What Makes These Projects Deserve Your Attention

Being a little late to the cryptocurrency party has hurt many people. The early adopters received justifiable rewards in abundance for the risk they took on Bitcoin. That doesn’t change the fact that when they first enter the industry, newcomers frequently feel like they are pushing against a headwind.

For those who missed out on the Bitcoin boom’s early days, the metaverse offers a new chance. They can now benefit from the metaverse boom. Knowing which projects are worth following and/or investing in is essential in order to accomplish this.

People who are interested in the arts, astronomy, and the environment will enjoy taking part in metaverse and helping artists while doing so. The virtual market of Decentraland may offer new opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolios of digital real estate or other investment sources.

Various metaverses are receiving billions of dollars. They are the new frontiers in technology, along with NFTs. And while many will seek them out for their investment potential, an equal number will do so for the novel and exciting experience they have to offer. If you want to start your project like this, you should hire Web3 Development Company.

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