What is BoursePanel Review Portfolio Feature?

By: Olivia Anderson

Boursepanel’s review portfolio feature is extremely handy and has never been introduced. Using this feature, you can review an existing stock market portfolio within just a few clicks, which is otherwise a very complex task. The idea is to make timely decisions on holding a particular stock or liquidating it from the portfolio.

How does Boursepanel Review Portfolio Feature Help Stock Investors?

The boursepanel platform provides a complete outlook of your portfolio at any time. The platform uses Boursepanel’s proprietary algorithms, performs all risk management tasks, and uses proven trading strategies. It examines each sector in your portfolio and then analyzes all individual stocks from every perspective, including technical, fundamental, and sentiments.

How To Review Your Stock Market Portfolio?

You can add your existing portfolio to the platform to review your stock portfolio. You can input the number of stocks,  your entry-level, and the date of purchase. Now you can repeat this process for all the stocks in your portfolio. Remember, you may have only one or any number of stocks in your portfolio, and once you add all the stocks in your portfolio, you can start reviewing your portfolio. 


The platform will give you the weight of every sector in your portfolio, the weight of an individual stock, and the market cap diversification, which is based on mega, large, mid, and micro-cap sectors. 

stock market portfolio

Using all this information, you can review your existing stock market portfolio. You can decide on holding a particular stock or liquidating it. Based on the report, you may also choose to add further stocks to your portfolio, and for this, you may also use the design portfolio feature.

From the overview tab, you can see all your stocks in the portfolio. The tab shows the general information of the stocks, including the purchase date of each share, the number of each stock you are holding, their entry price, the investment amount, their portfolio weight in %, price change, and the recommended levels to exit. These exit levels are given by performing all the risk management tasks and using proven trading strategies. However, the platform gives you ample information on your entire stock market portfolio, and you can also review that information to readjust your portfolio. 


Use Health & Scoring Levels To Evaluate Your Stock Portfolio

The platform also provides detailed health and scoring levels of every stock in your portfolio. These scores are calculated using our high-end scoring method and will assist you in evaluating the performance of your existing portfolio. The grey color indicates the stock health is below average. The light green color indicates the stock health is above average, while the dark green color indicates the stock health is strong. 

Similarly, the technical score includes several technical indicators such as Bollinger bands, moving averages, relative strength index, etc. In the technical score, each technical indicator has its weight that is taken to calculate the final technical score.

Likewise, the platform calculates the total score using all individually calculated scores, and each score has its weight in the total score.

Health and score

Using the performance tab, you can see the performance of the individual stocks from the date of your entry. It also includes the profit and loss to till date. You can also see the health and score of each stock in your portfolio, its performance over up to 1 year, key ratios, company financial information, and technicals with support and resistance levels.


Next, from the key ratios tab, you can review all the key ratios of the stocks in your portfolio

You can review the financial information of the stocks in your portfolio from the financial tab.

From the technical tab, you can see what all the technical indicators are telling about the given stocks in your portfolio. 

Finally, from the last tab, you can see the support resistance levels of the stocks in your portfolio. 

Support and resistance

Why Use Boursepanel Review Portfolio Feature?

Reviewing your stock market portfolio is an integral part of your investment. But you need time and experience to scan every individual stock in your portfolio, evaluate the financial information, and perform the technical and fundamental analysis. The bourse panel platform makes it easy for you to accomplish this critical task. You don’t need an endless amount of time or even experience to review your portfolio. The platform does it for you; it scans your portfolio from all aspects. It helps you multiply the returns, ends your dependency on financial advisors, and keeps your portfolio always on the right side of the market. Have a Nice Day!

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