What You Must Know About Dettol Antiseptic Ingredients

By: Olivia Anderson

Dettol is one of the most recognisable brands in the world, but have you ever wondered what this powerful formula is made of? If not, you might want to know the brand and learn the composition of its antiseptic ingredients.

Dettol manufactures high-quality antiseptic products and is known for working hand in hand with doctors and others in the healthcare industry. Dettol products are trusted by hospitals and other medical institutions across the world. As a result, they are used by millions to clean hands, wounds, and other parts of the body.

In this post, we will inform you about what goes into Dettol Antiseptic so next time you reach for a bottle, you are aware of what you are getting.

How Effective are Dettol Antiseptic Products?

Unlike many other antiseptic products, Dettol products are very safe. However, it is recommended that you ask a doctor first before using a product if you are pregnant, have an allergy to pine oil, or have sensitive skin.

Dettol liquid 5 litre and other products are considered powerful and effective antiseptic products because of the active ingredients used in their formulation. These ingredients help kill germs and viruses while keeping the skin safe. Chloroxylenol BP is an effective antibacterial agent and the rest of the ingredients are mild enough to be used by everyone.

Dettol antiseptic products are manufactured to meet the needs of customers. It has been tested as a safe and effective antiseptic in hospitals and clinics all over the world. After many years, Dettol still stands out from other brands because it does not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate. Dettol has been around for a long time. It is a familiar brand that has been used by many people. It is also a company that is known for making safe and effective products like Dettol liquid 5 litre, etc.

Dettol products are a better choice because they are free of ingredients that can cause health complications, allergies, or irritation. Dettol products are excellent for their ability to kill germs and contain ingredients that maintain healthy skin and prevent damage. Knowing about these ingredients will help you understand why Dettol products are so successful.

Main Ingredients in Dettol Antiseptic

  1. Chloroxylenol BP

Chloroxylenol BP is a non-prescription, over-the-counter antiseptic that kills germs and maintains a healthy environment. This ingredient serves as the core antiseptic ingredient in Dettol antiseptic products. Chloroxylenol BP has been used in hospitals, surgeries, and clinics since it was first created. It is used to combat the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other adverse agents which can cause infections. Chloroxylenol BP is commonly found in antibacterial cleaning products, but Dettol has gone above and beyond with this ingredient by making it a leading compound in their antiseptic products.

  1. Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a compound that is a solvent and antiseptic. It is the second main antiseptic ingredient in Dettol products. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly found in hand sanitisers as well as antiseptic sprays. It is proven to kill bacteria. This ingredient has many benefits, but one of them is that it mixes well with almost any other compound and acts as a base if needed. Isopropyl alcohol does not have any proven health risks, but like many other ingredients in Dettol antiseptic, it can be irritating to some people’s skin.

  1. Pine oil

Pine oil is a compound extracted from pine trees that acts as a mild natural antiseptic in Dettol products. Similar to isopropyl alcohol, it is commonly found in other antibacterial products because of its ability to kill bad bacteria and has overall positive effect on the skin. Pine oil is widely used in bath soaps and oils for its distinct aroma.

  1. Castor oil soap

Castor oil soap is an ingredient used as a soap and surfactant in many products. It is odorless and derived from the castor plant. In Dettol products, it acts to support active ingredients like Chloroxylenol BP.


Dettol has excelled in its manufacturing process by using several unique and powerful ingredients. If you’ve never experienced the effects of this formula, the next time you reach for a bottle of Dettol, pay close attention to all the different ingredients to see how effective it is.

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