Where can a Touristologist work?

By: Olivia Anderson

You can work in any agency that promotes national and international touristologist activities. Since, according to these functions, they will depend on how much a graduate in tourism earns. All in some of the most common areas:

  • In government agencies such as the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a planner and planner to strengthen tourism activities and good relations with other countries.
  • In a large hotel chain, lead different teams such as: Hospitality, Guest Services, Catering or Entertainment.
  • Design a program in a travel company. As a travel agency or travel marketer that caters to the needs of vacationers and travel enthusiasts.
  • In international and specialty restaurants, coordinate all areas for optimal operation.
  • In travel transport organizations such as airlines, bus lines, railways, cruise ships. To create itineraries and packages for the different modes of travel available.

Other fields of work that may interest you

In addition to how much a tourism graduate earns, the practice of a tourism graduate does not stop there. Therefore, there are other areas to explore with very interesting results:

  • In the field of tourism, leading a work team or as an operator of their own tourism companies and international businesses. Providing tourist packages to the different tourist attractions of the country.
  • Develop plans for new areas of tourism: ecotourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism or sports tourism.
  • In the media, as a writer, editor or presenter related to tourism promotion at all levels.
  • Direct or be part of an NGO team whose objectives are related to tourism practices or the protection of a specific place.
  • Professor of tourism or related subjects at any public or private university in our country.

How much does a tourism graduate earn?

To be clear, how much does a tourism graduate earn if you look good in the job market for this career. Since you can enjoy a minimum salary similar to that of the highest paid occupations in the world such as: civil engineering, medicine, law or hotel management.

In addition, it is important to know how much a graduate in tourism and hospitality earns. Thus, keep in mind that your salary will depend on the country in which you are. Because of that, the level of demand in your tourist destination and even the company for which you are looking for a job.

For this reason, we detail how much an international tourism graduate earns, how many of these university graduates in some countries Occupational income:

  • How much does a tourism graduate earn in Argentina?: $630 to $850 per month.
  • How much does a tourism graduate earn in the United States?: $3,932 per month.
  • How much does a tourism graduate earn in Spain?: 000 to 36,000 euros per year.
  • How much does a tourism graduate earn in Mexico?: USD 600 to 900 per month, MXN 126,852 per year.
  • How much does a tourism graduate earn in Peru?: $480 to $850 per month.

Professional Technician in Tourism

This tourism course provides specialized training in this field. If you are interested and want to understand the basics to play a professional role and have the knowledge about how much does a graduate in the  international tourism earn?

Now is your time, with the Professional Tourism Technician course offered by our Business School Specialized in Online Training. Afterwards, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform this function in the best possible way.

Finally, the tourist environment is a fundamental pillar of the economies of nations. Well, we strive to optimize it and get the most out of it. Since it can offer us many opportunities of a cultural, economic, social nature, etc.



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