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By: Olivia Anderson

BigCommerce gives online store owners an eCommerce platform and ways for developers, designers, and marketing firms to work with them. BigCommerce needs these experts to help them make all of their selling processes better for their customers.

Because of this, many businesses have wanted to join the community of BigCommerce reseller partners. But what will they have to do, and how will they have to do it in order to reach this goal? And will they get any particular benefits from doing this?

This article will give answers to each of these tough questions.

What are the BigCommerce partners?

BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms because it helps online business owners build online stores and reach more customers. It has a lot of different features, like the ability to change store websites, themes, and marketing tools.

Besides all of that, BigCommerce can also help you with your eCommerce business. It not only helps store owners but also gives them tips from BigCommerce experts. These people are called BigCommerce Partners. When you use BigCommerce, they are willing to help you design websites, develop, solve problems, and improve the customer experience.

BigCommerce partner program

Once you are an official BigCommerce reseller partner, they will send you their training programs so you can learn how to do your job. BigCommerce’s Partner program lets retailers test their skills, get help with sales, and use a referral system to reach more customers and make shopping easier for them.

If you become a BigCommerce reseller partner, you will also be able to talk to the online businesses that are growing the fastest and find the best ways to solve problems.

How many different kinds of partners does BigCommerce have?

BigCommerce has two different kinds of partnership programs for businesses.

Partners in Agencies

With this kind of partnership, you can help BigCommerce improve its marketing, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), conversion rate, sponsored ads, and search engine optimization (SEO).

BigCommerce Agency programs are mostly for businesses, groups, or services that help their customers by building eCommerce-related websites.

Before you join the Agency partners programme, you should look at what other businesses have said and connect with agencies through the BigCommerce agency directory.

Partners in Technology

According to book marketing service agency companies that make apps or integrations that are sold in the BigCommerce App Marketplace can join the BigCommerce Technology partnership program.

With this kind of BigCommerce partner, businesses can easily find a wide range of apps that can help them make more money, improve their customers’ experiences, or connect their stores to important business software. With the technology partner, you can add all of the newest technologies to your online store.

Like with Agency partners, this type of BigCommerce partnership program has reviews that can help you learn more.

How to become a BigCommerce reseller Partner?

Before you fill out the form to become a BigCommerce partner, you need to fully understand what is needed. Here are the four greatest things you will need to talk about:

  • A website that shows off your business or software solutions
  • You should want to sell your apps to the public
  • Always be able to help your customers
  • Proof that you are an expert in your field

If your business meets all of the requirements and BigCommerce thinks you could be a good partner, you will get an email with a number code as your Partner ID. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your email all the time.

Follow these steps below to find out how to work with BigCommerce:

Getting into the BigCommerce Partner Portal

Press the “Apply Now” button

Type in your company’s email address

Decide on the right kind of partner program

You can choose between two different kinds of partnership programs. We’ve already talked about the criteria and uses. Check it out before you make your choice.

Sign up to become a member

You’ll have to fill out a form with a list of information about your business and your skills. You can take help from The SEO Valley; they are one of the best agencies to help become a Bigcommerce partner.

Then, click “Finish registration.”

Check Partner ID

In line with ghostwriters for hire If your company meets all the requirements and BigCommerce thinks you could be a good partner, they send you an email with a code of numbers that is your Partner ID. Don’t forget to check your email all the time for new messages.

You will need the Partner ID in order to upload your apps to the BigCommerce App Marketplace platform. If the code hasn’t been sent to your email address, please email [email protected] for more information.

What benefits do BigCommerce Partners get?

If you just became a BigCommerce reseller Partner and aren’t sure if you can handle the work or not, read this. Don’t worry too much because once you are an official partner, BigCommerce will give you the following benefits:

1. Training programs

In addition to the BigCommerce reseller partner programme, which was already mentioned, BigCommerce also made an activation route to speed up the process. Retailers have to take their courses, and they also help them. You have to go to these programmes to learn more about BigCommerce, the best ways to use eCommerce, and how to change your sales strategies.

BigCommerce has also set up a support center. You can find answers to questions about becoming a partner of this eCommerce platform and find solutions to problems.

2. Support

Your dedicated channel account manager will help you with any questions you have about BigCommerce or your business. You and the account manager can work together to come up with annual business and campaign strategies that are supported by quarterly reports.

BigCommerce is ready to help you whenever you need it.

BigCommerce retailers and BigCommerce partners both get the same amount of priority service. In addition, they will be able to connect to the BigCommerce reseller Partner Portal to get more help.

Test your work with dummy versions before putting it out in the real world.

Using the sandbox setting, which doesn’t affect the stage, you can run a test version of your website before it goes online and is shown to BigCommerce merchants.

Making software to help you do your best

BigCommerce helps its partners use Stencil to build beautiful, interactive, and effective shopping fronts. A developer platform is also being built for the BigCommerce reseller partner portal. It will have an engineering blog, a changelog, the status of the API, and special support features.

3. Help with distribution and advertising

Tools and content you can use to market your services

BigCommerce gives its partners the best help in building their systems, as well as the best marketing tools and content to use for advertising. BigCommerce partners will get a plan for news releases, affiliate signatures, and links to the best marketing materials for BigCommerce and your services, such as ebooks, infographics, and emails.

Partner Marketplace is a place where people can work together, and it shines a light on your business.

Partner Marketplace is a public, faceted search engine for merchants that were made by BigCommerce alone. Here is where you can change the description of your services, your area of expertise, and your contact information so that BigCommerce users can learn about your services and get in touch with you.

Last things to say

Many BigCommerce partners have said that partnering with BigCommerce means they can spend more time adding value for their clients instead of solving technical problems. Being a BigCommerce reseller partner will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thanks to the services, programs, and commitment to agencies and developers.

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