Famous Movie Jackets For Men and Women

By: Olivia Anderson

One of the most iconic movie jacket is Rick Deckard’s in the sci-fi cult classic Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2049 brought the franchise back to life with a new cinematic style and brought Rick Deckard’s coat to life once again. A replica of the Agent K jacket is available in cotton for those who want to recreate the iconic movie jackets. There are many other famous movie jackets for men and women from modern movies.

Will Smith’s varsity baby driver coat

The varsity baby driver coat that Will Smith wore in the movie will definitely turn heads. It is made of high-quality cotton fabric and features two pockets at the waist and one on the inside. And It has a full length and can be worn on different occasions. It is also available in men’s sizes. This coat is also ideal for bikers, as it has all the features of a cruiser or biker jacket.

Gerard Butler’s Angel Has Fallen jacket

If you love to wear jackets and love to see Gerard Butler in action, you can’t go wrong with this Angel Has Fallen Gerard Butler jacket. This jacket is inspired by the character of Agent Mike Banning from the hit movie Angel Has Fallen. The jacket is made from grey cotton and viscose and features a front button closure and short stand collar. The jacket is crafted to keep you warm, and it’s also fully lined for maximum comfort.

Tyler Durden’s red cowhide leather jacket

The actor Tyler Durden’s red cowhide movie jacket was a recent hit with fans. It features a red and white striped design with a black lining. Tyler wears a silver ring on his left hand, and a gold ring on his right. Both are from the same brand, Oliver Peoples. While the color of the rings may vary slightly, they all share the same basic design.

Daniel Craig’s bridge coat from Spectre

In Spectre, Daniel Craig wore a black James Bond overcoat. In this movie, Bond lands in Rome in order to track down Blofeld. As part of his search, he also wears a black three-piece suit and bridge coat. Normally, this overcoat is worn during the winter months. Daniel Craig’s bridge coat features a lapel-style collar and is double-breasted with buttons on the front. The coat is made from a wool material and is designed to be worn during the winter season.

Tony Stark’s Avengers Infinity War jacket

A great way to look like Iron Man is to buy a Tony Stark’s Avengers Infinity War Jacket. The upcoming Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, will feature the Iron Man’s signature jacket. As the hero of the film, Stark has become a popular wearable character. The jacket is a high-quality reproduction, featuring distressed real leather and A-class design standards. The jacket also features detachable hoodie and a branded zipper closure.


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