Segway without handlebars: features, how to use, and price

By: Olivia Anderson

Everyone will have seen people traveling around on a scooter without handlebars. This is the segway without handlebars, an electric vehicle that allows those who use it to move in an upright position.

It is an alternative and green way to move around the city without walking on foot, not taking steps and effort. The term is not appropriate for the scooter, which does not fly, but on the contrary, adheres to the ground on which it moves, preferably even. The handlebars electric scooter is better known by the term hoverboard.

It does not pollute and is ecological because it works thanks to rechargeable batteries. Its primary and essential appearance makes it a modern and almost futuristic tool. In fact, on the Segway, there are no buttons and no steering wheels. It is a very fashionable scooter that is popular and easy to drive. It is sufficient to shift the weight from one side to the other to move and maintain balance, depending on the direction chosen.

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1 The inventor of the segway

2 How to use the hoverboard

3 Technical characteristics

3.1 Maximum speed

3.2 Autonomy

4 Highway Code

5 How much does a segway cost

The inventor of the segway

The electric segway was invented in China and then quickly produced worldwide. Today it is a very fashionable medium that fascinates both famous and ordinary people. The first to have created a prototype was Shane Chen, inventor, and entrepreneur. After him, many manufacturers have chosen to create and market the Segway.

How to use the hoverboard

The electric scooter without handlebars is offered in different models, but the structure is always the same. It has two-wheeled dashboards and electric motors with an independent power supply. The wheels are connected to a horizontal axis and have a gyroscope that allows the person to stay balanced. It exploits the physical principle of conservation of the angular momentum, which remains constant if an external force does not interfere.

Few rules to learning how to use the Segway. The most important is that relating to balance: if you place your body forward, you tend to accelerate. To proceed in one direction, you need to step forward on the pedal with the foot opposite where you want to go. If you want to go right, press forward with your left foot. It is perhaps more complicated to explain than to do, and even getting on and off the scooter must be done from behind.

Technical features

Each model has specific technical features that can improve the performance of the Segway.


Full speed

The maximum speed of the electric scooter is around 15 Km per hour, thanks to the two motors, which are usually 250W. The person driving it should not exceed 90 kg in weight; this is the maximum load capacity of the hoverboard.


The autonomy is linked to the type of battery but generally reaches up to two hours or 20 km traveled. It needs to be recharged when it is empty, and it takes about two hours to get a full charge. Recall that the segway weighs between 8 and 10 kg, so it is pretty challenging to carry on the shoulder once it is unloaded.


Traffic Laws

The segway is seen by many as an actual toy to move with, which among other things, does not produce harmful emissions. However, it is a battery-powered scooter that cannot circulate freely on public roads. The laws in force and the highway code do not consider it a means similar to an electric bicycle or a vehicle.

Therefore, segway is banned from roads, cycle paths, sidewalks, and parks in the UK and in America, as it is considered a “performance accelerator.” So how to promote its diffusion, also considering the non-existent environmental impact? It will be necessary to intervene by removing the constraints that consider it a dangerous vehicle, allowing circulation through the city streets.

How much does a segway cost?

On the market, you can find segways with or without handlebars. The version without handlebars is less expensive. Generally, the average price is around £269.99, but there are segways from £269.99 and others that exceed £269.99. Personalization also makes a difference in the scooter. It is possible to embellish it with luminous wheels and colored silicone cases and buy bags to keep it.

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