10 Best Book Writing Courses For New Writers

By: Olivia Anderson

The best book writing courses offer an opportunity to take your natural writing skills and shape them into a way that opens doors to your chosen field. Whether you’re writing a T.V. sitcom screenplay or writing the next great American novel, you can gain professional-level skills by taking book writing courses that are more advanced than you can get a job you love. With the help of a top book editing services team we identified the best book writing courses for those who want to become professional book writers:

10 Best Book Writing Courses For New Writers


Coursera’s business model is a bit different from many online education companies. We partner with reputable universities to offer higher book writing courses. Many courses do not earn college credit, but you can earn valuable credentials by completing your major. The creative writing discipline consists of five courses focusing on three genres: short story, story essay, and memoir. In these genres, you’ll learn how to create characters and settings, create descriptions, develop the style, and then take climax lessons to create a full-fledged story, essay, or memoir. Throughout your discipline, you have access to other readers who can critique your work and suggest improvements. This course is taught by a published author and a Wesleyan faculty member trained in the creative writing process.


One of the best-known names in the book writing courses, Udemy offers paid and free courses with over 40 million students as of April 2021. As you can imagine, its huge business has a wide range of qualities in its products. One of the company’s many book writing courses, The Secret to Great Writing, stands out. Taught by former Wall Street Journal editor Shanillaja, this class focuses on believing that Raja is the four elements of good writing. It’s simple, clear, elegant, and exciting. By understanding and using these four elements, Raja says, you can take your writing from mundane to exciting. At this price – it’s free! — and with a minimal investment of time (classes are completed in less than an hour), whether you’re writing a press release or an autobiography, it will improve your writing skills and possibly your output. This is a great way to learn some tricks you can do.

Master class

Our top pick from the masterclasses is the Shonda Rhimes Masterclass on T.V. Writing, but there are plenty of options for writers, including classes taught by Neil Gaiman, David Sedalia, and Joyce Carol Oates. There are a few. Rhimes covers a lot in 30 lessons, including creating engaging characters, script structure, and writing authentic dialogue. But she also goes beyond writing, discussing editing, getting into the industry running shows, and other TV-centric topics. With an annual membership to MasterClass, you can also access PDF workbooks and download courses for offline viewing. Rhimes is one of the most famous characters on T.V. today, a fascinating speaker, and seems to enjoy showing learners all the secrets that have led her to where she is today.


Novelley offers several book writing services company courses. With the Classic Course Box Set, you can take 45 lessons at your own pace for $365. They also offer a variety of programs, from planning to creating to an annual plan that guides you through your creation. Write a children’s novel to be published within a year (costs $1,999). The latter includes nine one-on-one sessions with a children’s fiction tutor to help shape your work. This is a valuable benefit for budding writers. The interactive platform allows you to ask questions and add comments online. Classes are 15 to 20 minutes long, and they recommend writing for an hour a day. The platform tracks progress and provides feedback as it progresses.

Writer’s Digest University

Consider checking out Writer’s Digest University book writing courses if you’re new to writing. Writer’s Digest is well-known in the writing community, publishing a magazine for writers since 1920, with professionals offering solid and comprehensive courses for beginners and experienced writers. Creative Writing 101 is aimed at people who urge to write an idea but don’t know where to start. Courses address common writers’ problems, such as shaping protagonists and antagonists embodying storylines while identifying perspectives and motivating them to write for themselves. Twelve lessons are priced at $579.99. It’s a bit steep for what you receive, but the quality of the courses is generally very good.

Book Fox

Bookfox is the brainchild of John Matthew Fox, a former college professor, editor, and author with a solid understanding of the publishing world. His book writing courses, including Two Weeks to Your Best Children’s Books, are full of information. They go far beyond the actual writing process and include how to come up with book ideas, the revision process, and perhaps most importantly, how to publish your book well. He also talks about finding illustrators and agents and what you need to know if you decide to self-publish. Fox taught every class by himself. The self-taught children’s book class has 14 lessons, ranging from 2 weeks to 1 year. As a one-person operation, Foxx doesn’t have the highly sophisticated look and feel of MasterClass, but Fox’s knowledge base more than makes up for the lack of bells and whistles on his site.

Grammar Lion

Telling a story well is important, but it cannot told well without basic sentence components. That means paying attention to grammar, provided by Grammar Lion Grammar Refresher book writing courses. Suitable for those who need to learn grammar and experienced writers looking for reviews of basic material, the course identifies parts of speech, reviews sentence patterns, and delves into verb forms and tenses, starting with a discussion of transitions and structure. A full course on clarity and logical issues is provided, and other courses include helpful resources and a list of your favorite books. Ellen Feld is a writer, editor, and educator who has taught online grammar review courses to over 44,000 students. You can connect to Feld via the forum or private email. She also offers one-on-one editing services for an additional fee.


The Reactor class is trendy and noticeably off-center. Registration is limited to 16 students. They research odd, fantastic, or bizarre literature to find and write the human elements that make stories stand out. The four-week course is divided into four themes: Humanity, Structure, Context, and Resolution. Explore the work of writers from Kelly Link to Matt Bell and discover that traditional stories can be a starting point for research into innovative and speculative fiction. Each week, you’ll receive writing assignments critiqued by Breukelaar and your fellow students, and in the fourth and final week, you’ll build a story from start to finish based on what you’ve learned. You’re probably the least likely to get a raise in that course, depending on your position. But this is probably the funniest of all our finalists.

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